11 decorating essentials for the Holiday Season

11 decorating essentials for the Holiday Season

It’s nearly that time of year again when we give our homes a complete makeover for the holiday season. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression on your friends and family this Christmas. From traditional wreaths to modern alternatives, decorate in style by reading through these 11 useful decorating ideas that will help you fill your home with holiday cheer. 

1. Decorate Chairs with Garlands and Ribbons

The dining area will be one of the most used rooms. It’s a great idea to decorate the dining table with candles and Christmas themed placemats or table runners but why stop there? You can add just a little more festivity to your dining area by decorating your chair by wrapping Tinsel garlands or ribbons around your chairs. You could even alternate red and white ribbons to make them look like candy canes. 

You can also try using pine garland on the bottom of the chair and hang small baubles for that extra bit of glimmer. You can get your whole dining room setting looking fabulous this Christmas season.

2. Use Santa Sacks for presents’ storage and decoration

Boxing day is the most awaited time this Christmas season, holiday dinners are great but nothing is more exciting than boxing day, especially to kids. Leave Santa Sacks all over the house and fill them up with goodies. These Santa sacks not only give a more rustic look to your decor but will also give the kids extra surprise when they see their own Personalised Santa Sack full of presents waiting for them Christmas morning.

3. Place a Christmas wreath on your front door

This may be a go-to when decorating for the Holiday season, but that’s because it’s been a Christmas tradition since everyone could remember.  Let the outside of your home sing out the Christmas spirit by hanging a wreath on your door. If you are going for a different approach this year, you can stick on a modern Christmas wreath on your front door and carolers will be knocking on your doors in no time. Opt for colours like gold, green, silver, and red that bring out the holiday aesthetics.

4. Scatter elf plush dolls around the home

These little guys are a great way of sprucing up the nooks and crannies of your home this Christmas. You can place elf plush dolls on your shelves or as a centrepiece on the dining table. The mantelpiece is the perfect place to dangle their little legs from that will add a little festive charm. Additionally, if you are choosing to light up your windows this Christmas time, why not also put a little elf plush doll on the windowsill.

5. Make a wall Christmas tree from branches and lights

For those who want to decorate their homes with traditional Christmas decorations, you can’t go through Christmas without getting a fir tree. For those of you who have limited space in their living rooms, instead of crowding your living room with a real fir tree you can pile up books or even branches to form a shape of a tree and drape them with fairy lights. 

If you want to go for a more modern approach, you can put on a Christmas tree wall sticker and make it glow with Christmas lights to create your own flat-back wall Christmas tree. Place your lights in a line under the tree branches for extra effect.

6. Decorate your apartment with Christmas wall stickers

Decorate to your heart’s content, and even involve the kids who will have great fun creating their very own Christmas wall decals. This is a great way to save space and brighten up your home is to use Christmas wall stickers.  Make your very own wall sticker Christmas tree, nativity scene for the holiday season. However you choose to decorate, you’ll find that there are many ways to utilise these stickers for a great effect.

7. Hang Christmas mobiles from the ceiling 

This is another great Christmas hack for those with little space to work with this Christmas. No matter how small your home, you’ can always hang mobiles or banners from the ceiling for decorative purposes. Choose to either buy or make your own Christmas mobiles this holiday season. There are plenty of homeware stores that will have these readily available. You can even purchase supplies and make a Christmas project out of it. You can also get the kids to help in colouring or choosing the best designs.

8. Place Christmas cards on the mantelpiece and dining room table 

Christmas cards are readily available in the months leading up to Christmas in stationery shops and office supply stores. If you’re lucky, these shops will sell Christmas card packs with an assortment of different designs on the cheap. But you want to be a tad sentimental you could use Christmas cards you’ve kept from the years that have gone by. Christmas cards can be placed in many areas around your home, you can even hang them on the tree, or place them on the corner tables where everyone can see. 

9. Spruce up the shelves with Christmas greenery

Bring a natural touch inside this Christmas and freshen up the place. Pinecones, pine tree bristles and even red bottle brush can add some authentically coloured Christmas décor for your shelves. Along with your elf plush dolls, this will be the perfect accompaniment to liven up your shelves with Christmas cheer.

10. Stylize the sofa with Christmas themed cushions and throw-rugs

Why let your sofa miss out on the festivity that Christmas brings! A sofa is a place of festive gatherings and of course opening presents. So, give it that extra special Christmas feel by purchasing some Christmas themed cushions and throw rugs to spice it up this holiday season. With so many designs to choose from, just make sure you purchase something that matches the rest of your decorations around the house.

11. Hang stockings over the fireplace or below windowsills

Help Santa in delivering his gifts by hanging stockings on the fireplace. Hanging Christmas themed stockings has been a Christmas tradition for many years, and it has been a great way to start the story of how Santa Clause came to be. 

It can also double as a fantastic, warm and festive decoration to any living room. Again, it’s entirely up to you what you choose for the designs, patterns and colours for your stockings. You can even add personalised name labels to each stocking so Santa won’t be confused which stocking belongs to whom. Reign in tradition and add stockings to your home’s Christmas decorations this holiday season.