13 Tips on Easier Clothes Storage After Winter

13 Tips on Easier Clothes Storage After Winter

Winter, A time for digging deep into our wardrobes and closets in search of those warmer clothes to wear. But the more we tend to stuff our clothes away, the more damage we can do to them. 

So, whether you’re trying to get the most out of your kids’ school clothes or just preserving your favourite winter threads, here are 13 tips to help you in storing your family’s clothes and winter woollies better.

  1. Wash your Clothes Thoroughly

Winter clothes tend to stay stashed away for longer periods of time because you only need them once a year. Australia has a much drier and warmer climate. So, before we start storing our winter warmers, it’s a good idea to wash them all. Dirt and germs from our bodies can leave stains and bad odour on clothes that will not be noticeable, it's smart to wash your clothes before storing them for long periods of time. This will ensure any stains, smells, dust, and sweat marks will not ruin your winter clothes when its time to use them again.

  1. Always keep your clothes in the right storage environment 

Ensure a cool, dark place is provided for all your winter woollies. Your clothes can easily become ruined if not stored in the right environment. Too bright an environment and the colours will fade. Too damp an environment and your clothes will become mildewy. keep your clothes in a dry container away from direct sunlight. You can use Silica gels or dry packs to keep moulds and mildews from forming on your clothes. 

  1. Look after your delicates

Items you really don’t want to just stuff away for winter are delicates. These are clothes such as silk, wool or cashmere. They can become easily damaged if not stored away properly. One way to better care for these winter woollies is to wrap them in tissue paper once folded. You’ll also want to store your delicates separately from your other winter wear. Name labels are a smart way to sort and label your different winter items. 

  1. Always fold your jumpers and cotton garments

Never hang your cotton and heavy jumpers in the wardrobe or closet. This is an easy way to put them out of shape come winter time. A great idea is to place them folded in storage bins or baskets. Put your heaviest jumpers at the bottom of your storage container and the lightest at the top. You’ll want them to ‘breathe’ during storage. Coats, jackets and jumpers can all have their individual tubs and labels.

  1. Store your winter boots and shoes properly 

Shoes such as boots tend to get a bit dirtier during the winter months. So using a wire brush, clean all dirt and grime from their soles before putting them away. Try also to stuff your suede and leather boots/shoes with acid-free tissue paper. This will prevent the material from deteriorating over time in storage. 

  1. Label your clothes with colours 

Your younger ones will quickly learn to identify which clothes belong to them by using colour coded label when getting their clothes out for the day. This handy tick in helping them more self-manageable in keeping track of their own clothes. Try using iron-on labels to help them keep track of their winter clothes. you simply have to iron on prints to their clothes they’ll know which one belongs to whom.

  1. Using large tub drawers for your kids’ rooms

You can easily purchase large tub drawer sets at homeware or office supplies stores in Australia. So there’s really no hassle in trying to get a set for your home. These large tub drawers are cost effective and will be useful in separating your kids’ clothing. Kids love adding a personal touch to their stuff, So why not give them the chance to decorate their drawers with personalised name stickers. Stickers are a great way to help them identify which drawer belongs to them and your kids will surely love all the different designs. 

  1. Separate your kids winter clothes from winter uniforms

Without question, your kids will be the first ones not to look after their clothes. This especially goes for winter school uniforms. Avoid the kids coming home from school and dumping their hats, coats and jumpers all over the hallway. Have a designated spot in their rooms where they know to put these clothes away.

  1. Use hanging cubbies to declutter your kids’ rooms

Hanging cubbies are another fantastic option to sort the kids’ winter clothes in one neat area. If your kids are bunking together in the same room, use hanging cubbies to separate their winter clothes from summer clothes or school uniforms from casual wears. As most hanging cubbies are made from fabric, try some attaching some iron-on name labels to them with the names of your children. 

  1. To hang or not to hang?

The only type of clothing that should be on a hanger for a long time is outerwear. Jackets, coats, dresses and hoodies should all be hung so maintain the shape of the clothes. But just make sure you’re using wooden or padded hangers. Wire hangers won’t offer enough support to hang heavier items. Simply categorise items in to ‘can hang’ and ‘can’t hang’. In Australia, there are many online stores where you can purchase these name labels. So, you shouldn't have any problems finding one for your closet

  1. Protect your clothes from pesky moths

This one’s quite simple. But it will make all the difference. Say goodbye to those pesky moths trying to chew through your favourite winter coat or jumper. Simply use a sprig of lavender or grab some pieces of cedar to scatter around winter clothing you’ve stored away. This works particularly well if you choose to store your clothes in plastic storage bins or tub drawers.

  1. Use your old suitcases

If you want to save some money and store away your out-of-season clothes. All you have to do is get those suitcases out of hiding. They are perfect for putting away your winter collection. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean out your suitcase before storing clothes in it. Also, ensure you’re putting the right type of clothes in to avoid confusion when taking them out.

  1. While you’re at it, don’t forget Christmas! 

Save yourself from headaches when searching for those festive clothes. ~Try using personalised Christmas themed stickers to sort your different items. From the kids’ Santa shirts to your favourite decorations. These stickers are easy to purchase online and easily customised with name labelling too.