6 Reasons to Use Name Tags for your Family

6 Reasons to Use Name Tags for your Family

Have you ever thought about how much stuff you and your family accumulate over the years? The short answer is a lot! The kid’s belongings take up so much room as it is. From school lunch boxes and drink bottles to school clothing and shoes, they will also have a range of toys and electronics that they would hate to lose. Even you as parents will have your collection of things you want to keep and not go missing. So, to make sure all your belongings are at home and stay in one place, you will need name labels. Whether they are kids name labels, name labels made in Australia or just personalised to meet your needs, ensure everything makes it home once leaving the house.

Here we give you 6 handy reasons why name labels are needed for family life:

1. Keep your Tupperware coming back to you

Many families often end up purchasing a range of Tupperware over the years and there are a few reasons why. Tupperware is ideal when we as a family go camping, picnics or simply when the kids need to carry medications, food or other belongings outside the house (maybe on a sleepover). However, whether your Tupperware is for the kids’ school containers, to keep leftovers in the fridge or to take on yearly picnic outings, there are lots of similar Tupperware out there. If not labelled correctly these containers might get mixed up with family friend’s or simply just go missing. Get on top of this by applying sticky name labels to the families Tupperware containers. Just make sure to get the dishwasher proof and scratch proof labels, found in most Australian online retailers. These will then also stand the test of time.

2. If your kids have allergies or medical conditions

Allergies and medical conditions are serious business when it comes to your kids. Without any forewarning about these conditions present in your children, there could be dramatic consequences. A great way to prevent your kids from coming into contact with any allergens or having a medical emergency is to use kids name labels. These labels are perfect to warn others about the medical conditions and allergies that your kids have. Using either adhesive stickers or iron on name labels, simply apply them to lunchboxes (for food allergies), drink bottles, and even school backpacks. Anywhere you deem necessary, and once put in the right spot, these little labels will help to alert others what your kids need to avoid. A lifesaving invention and idea.

3. Prevent arguments and fighting over the kids' belongings

This might be one of the biggest reasons to have labels after all. At least parents might think so. How many times have your kids argued over toys and other items they take to school by claiming ‘That’s mine!’. Finally, stop this pesky bickering by applying some personalised name labels onto the kids’ favourite toys at home or on their favourite drink bottle at school. Not only will parents finally be able to enjoy that cuppa in the kitchen without separating an argument, but teachers too will have peace of mind knowing what belongs to whom in the schoolyard or in the classroom.

4. Better organise the office

For the man or woman of the house who needs to better organise their office space. Use personalised name labels and truly see the difference. You may have thought that stickies are all you need to keep your desk and clutter in order. Wrong! Just use your smartphone for this. However, to better arrange the office into a complete and easy-to-read system, get some Australian-made name labels to help you out. You can label anything with these labels in and around the office - Label your filing cabinet, personal archives, and shelving compartments. When everything inside your office has a home and is labelled, you won’t just unclutter your desk but you’ll also be uncluttering your mind. Labelling a bit of feng shui goes a long way!

5. Teach you and your kids to become organised too!

Your kids too can be just as organised as you are within your home office. Don’t stop here and help your kids’ digs to be just as clean and tidy as yours. There are many online retailers around Australia with a huge range of kids name labels available to purchase. Many will even have your kid’s favourite characters, designs and colours that your kids will love to have on display as part of their room. All with a bit of style and fun you will be able to organise your kid’s rooms and belongings neatly whilst also teaching them about cleaning up and good organisation.

6. Label up the laundry

The laundry is yet another perfect place to put name labels around the home to keep things organised. You could use personalised name labels or kids name labels depending on how you want to organise the piles of clothes mounting up from the family. If you don’t have it already, try and place some shelving into your laundry room as this will help to have a place to stick your name labels. A good idea is to create a kids’ section of the laundry and a parent’s section for dirty and clean clothes. Just place some kids name labels on the shelving for the kids and personalised name labels for the adults. Additionally, you could organise a coat hanger section, pegs basket shelf and so on until everything is in its place.