7 Handy Hints To Pack School Meals

7 Handy Hints To Pack School Meals

It’s already hard enough to plan, to cook, and to organise the dinner for the family every night. So, why make it any harder when preparing for school snacks and lunchtime meals? If you want advice, you’ve come to the right place because we've done all the hard work for you. 

Here we have provided you with 7 of the best ideas that can lessen the headaches for all Mum’s and Dad’s out there. There are so many ways to better pack and to prepare the kids’ school lunch and recess that they shouldn’t just be kept a secret! From using sticky labels on lunch boxes and drink bottles to using the weekend to your advantage. Packing school time meals doesn’t have to be such a bore any more.

  1. Use a bento lunch box

Bento boxes are a great idea for separating food ready for recess and lunch at school. These lunch boxes already come with separate compartments. So organising what food the kids will eat throughout the day is easy. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose a bento box over a regular lunch box:

  • Reduces the amount of packaging and rubbish you would normally use with a regular lunch box without compartments.

  • The kids will see what is for recess and what is for lunch so they won’t eat all their food in one sitting.

  • Compartments inside the bento box allows you to see if you’ve included a little bit of everything for your child's healthy eating during the day.

  1. Use sticky name labels and shape name labels for organisation 

Sticky name labels are a great way to keep track of each of your child’s belongings. If you don’t want to be repeatedly purchasing your kids’ lunch boxes and drink bottles just because they lose them every month, sticky name labels will surely help.

While you’re at it, think about purchasing some shape name labels too. The kids will love these little labels as they can add their very own personal expression to their lunch boxes, snack packs, or drink bottles.

  1. Utilise the weekend

You're having a busy schedule and yet you have to come home from work, cook, clean, and prepare for your kids' lunch and recess. Sounds so tiring doesn’t it? Well, stress no more!

There are 7 days in a week - so why not use them to your full advantage. After you’ve had lunch on a Saturday or Sunday, organise and pre-pack school lunches and snacks for recess. This is a perfect time to get your kids involved too. Let them help cook and prepare each meal so they will have some input in what goes into their school lunches and snacks. Even let them go shopping with you to pick out their favourite foods. The shops might even be less crowded during the day on the weekends, so take advantage of this. Just don’t forget to give them a good healthy balance of food and drink during the day!

  1. Be allergy aware with sticky allergy labels for kids

Allergies in children are a serious matter. When packing your child’s lunch box, snack pack, or drink bottle for school, ensure you are equipped with some sticky allergy labels for kids. These labels are great ways to immediately alert teachers, parents and other school kids what your child cannot consume. Simply place them at the front of your kid’s food container or drink bottle so they can be easily seen in the classroom or schoolyard.Don’t underestimate the importance of these labels. They could be the difference between an allergic reaction and keeping your child safe at meal time.

  1. Pack something healthy (just don’t go overboard)

Your kids should always have something healthy to eat every day for their growing bodies. Not to mention it will help them perform better in the classroom. Your kids will enjoy eating apple, orange, or banana at the best of times. However, don’t try and force too much healthy food on them. They will end up bringing this back home. It won’t be fresh and will be thrown straight in the bin once they get home, also not to mention the money wasted. So be healthy but also be wise - they are kids after all. 

  1. Who says you can’t have a hot meal for lunch?

Hot lunches are great - even in summer. Kids love to go to the canteen and buy hot pies and pasties - so why not just make these at home. Save money and see lunches and recesses eaten rather than returned. Think of hot meat balls, pizzas, or leftover schnitzels from last night’s dinner. These are all great ideas that most Aussie kids will love to eat on any given day. All you have to do is pack a thermos. 

A thermos can keep your food hot or cold, whichever you please. Chilled fruits and fresh sandwiches for cold foods, for hot ones just use some of the suggestions above or think of your own. As a thermos can be expensive you won’t want to repeat purchase. So use personalised labels or sticky name labels to keep track of your child’s thermos. This will prevent it from going walkabouts or getting lost.

  1. Don’t just go for the ‘same old’ sandwich

Since you’ll be using the weekends (and more time) to prepare and pack the kids’ lunch and snacks, don’t just opt for boring meals. Here are some fantastic alternatives that the kids will love besides a peanut butter and jam or a ham and cheese sandwich. Get them involved in the creation and making process too! A great bonding experience for parents and kids alike.

  • Mini vegetable pizzas - keep in thermos

  • Make your own Nutella (chocolate spread) - especially if the kids are allergic to nuts

  • Ham, cheese, and lettuce with tomato relish sandwich 

  • Make fruit faces - place into a container then into a cooler bag

  • Cheesymite scrolls - an Aussie favourite made with vegemite and cheese. Make a baking session with the kids one Sunday morning. Put in a thermos to keep the cheese melted and the scroll warm.

These are just a handful of ideas. But it just goes to show that with a bit of creativity and extra time the kids will eat their schooltime meals and have a lot of fun making them too!