7 Perfect Gifts for Kids Who Made You Nice List

7 Perfect Gifts for Kids Who Made You Nice List

With Christmas approaching fast, there’s no harm in preparing your gift list early. Boxing day is the most anticipated time of the holiday season, especially for kids. It’s the day they finally find out if doing their chores all year long has helped them make Santa’s nice list. Here’s where you step in as “Santa’s Helper”. The best gifts for kids doesn’t always come with an expensive price tag, some of the best gifts you can give kids can be personalised that is specially made just for them. 

To help you out with your Christmas shopping, we’ve come up with a list of things you can get for kids this Holiday season that will leave them giggling in delight when they open their presents on Boxing Day.

  1. Foldable Sky Tent 

This is the perfect Christmas gift for kids who just love to let their imagination run wild. Turn any bedroom into a galaxy with BoscoBear’s Space Adventure Foldable Sky Tent. It fastens to the bed in seconds could be neatly folded in its bag when its time to put it away. The tent comes with personal reading light so you could cuddle up while reading their favourite bedtime story. You’ll never have a hard time putting your kids to bed again. 

  1. Doctor’s Medical Case Set

Do you have an up and coming doctor on your hands? Then why not give something that would encourage them. This Doctor’s play Medical case play-set includes over a dozen tools that are all neatly packed in a clear case. Any junior doctor in practice will be thrilled to find this under the tree with their name on it. This will also go well with a Doctor Costume.

  1. 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle

You’ll keep toddlers entertained for hours with this 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle. Babies may not understand the concept of gift-giving just yet but you’d still get to see their face light up when they this colourful puzzle. This puzzle also has letters printed on the pieces so it could help your child recognize the alphabet. Browse through BoscoBear to find tother 3D wooden puzzles.

  1. Personalised Name Labels

There’s nothing better than getting a present that is specially made for you. Plus, you can teach your kids how to take care of their things by giving them a set of personalised name labels. They can stick these name labels on the gifts they got for Christmas. You can choose from different colourful designs and fun characters. 

  1. Blackboard Stickers 

This is the perfect gift for any boy or girl who just loves to go crazy with their drawing materials. This Christmas, why not let your kid’s inner artist run wild with BoscoBear’s Blackboard Wall stickers. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean. You can let your kid choose from various characters and give it to them for Christmas. 

  1. Back Packs and Lunch Boxes

If you don’t want to give kids toys this year, why not give them something they could use to school. These backpacks and lunch boxes are fun and made with durable materials plus, it features a number of fun characters that any child will find adorable. You can add your Child’s name to the bag to make more personal.

  1. Fun Growth Charts

Children just can’t wait to grow up and become adults, why not give them a way to track their growth. All your nieces and nephews will be happy to report how much they have grown with these fun growth charts. It comes in all sorts of themes and characters so you wouldn’t have any problem picking a different growth chart for your nieces and nephew.