8 First Day of School Tips and Preparations

8 First Day of School Tips and Preparations

       The first day of school for any child or student can be a daunting one. Making friends, listening to teachers, and understanding the school rules are some the challenges students face.Making friends, listening to teachers, and understanding the school rules are some the challenges students face. Parents, especially, want their child to have an easy and seamless transition to school. So, Here are some of the things to consider when preparing your child for their first day.

Organise regular visits to the school

    This will help to ease any ‘stage-fright’ like symptoms for your children on their first day. Familiarising them with their new environment will also help avoid any unwanted panic or thoughts of home sickness. Every child is different and will react to their first school day in their own way. However, regular visits before they start will help to ease the uncertainty of the [the]new environment. They can also become acquainted with school staff on a school tour.

Arrange meetings with other children

       Familiarising your children with their classmates before school allows their nerves to settle much easier on the first day. It is always helpful to let children know what to expect when entering a new environment. Try to encourage get-togethers with classmates’ parents which can help both parents and kids. The bonus here could be that friends are already made before school starts.

Another good tip is to use kids’ name labels so their classmates can remember their names.

Practice walking or travelling to school

       Take your children with you for a few practice runs travelling to school. This will help them to get used to the routine and improve their confidence.This will help them to get used to the routine and improve their confidence. Do this a few times so that your children familiarise themselves with the route and the pick-up and drop-off areas.

Share some positive stories about your school days

       Adding a positive perspective to your children’s expectation is a great way to settle their uncertainties. By sharing all the funny things you did at primary school, you can show them the lighter side of school life. Even explaining how many friends you made is also a huge plus. This should help them build school pride. Make sure you have some kids’ school labels scattered around to help.

Take your child shopping when you buy their school supplies

       Treat their first day as an adventure and go shopping with them to pick up all the necessary items for the classroom. This will allow them to have choices such as the colour of their lunchbox or the style of their stationery. They might even like to choose the colour and style of name label stickers you choose to put on their school items. Allowing your children to be involved in decisions that might otherwise just be ‘Mum or Dad’s’ decision, makes them feel important.

Place name label stickers on your kid’s school items

       It is always a great idea to use name labels for your children’s school possessions. Kids’ school labels will give you greater peace of mind knowing You would easily identify them when they end up on the school’s lost property area. Using kids’ name labels will also avoid confusion if their classmates happen to bring the same items to school. Personalised name stickers can be stuck onto your children’s school items, from their school books to their lunch box, and anything else that might be lost or left behind. Take your child shopping…It’s worthwhile to write down a list of school supplies you will need for the first day of school. This way you’ll know exactly how many name label stickers to buy.

Allow your child to help with recess and lunch time preparation

      Again, getting children involved in preparing for their first day of school will make a positive impression about school life. The more involvement = more enjoyable times for children. Especially when it comes to lunches and snacks, children love to have a choice of what they want to eat. Now is also a good chance to teach your children about nutrition and healthy eating.

Establish a new routine at home

       Ensure a regular routine for playtime, relaxation, and sleep weeks before the first day. Ensure a regular routine for playtime, relaxation, and sleep weeks before the first day. If you adopt a healthy and strict enough routine, your children will begin to recognise that overindulging in play or screen time will affect their school day. Limiting screen time for your children is also very important as screen time will also be limited at school. Choosing a set time for sleep and breakfast will also ensure they can function at their peak in the classroom and not fade out during the day. Additionally, setting time to read and play board games with your child will also help with attention span and brain-training.

Most importantly, enjoy the journey. This is a special time for both you and your child. Before you know it will be the last day of school term, then last day of the school year, last day of primary school, and then last day of high school!