9 Funny Moments When Your Kids Made You Question Your Parenting Skills

9 Funny Moments When Your Kids Made You Question Your Parenting Skills

Endless Questions. Relentless slurs. All. day. long.

Whether they say it out loud, act it out, or write it down, they will make it a point to get their message across, even in the most inconvenient of times. We’ve surfed through the internet and have come up with a list of silly things kids have said to their parents. So scroll through our list and have a laugh or two.

#1. Understanding of how things work.

When one of our sons was about eight years old, he announced at a family gathering that I treat my wife like a queen. I puffed myself up and asked him a question, expecting that the answer would give me similar stature. “Since I treat her like a queen, what does that make me?” His immediate response? “A servant.” So much for my ego.

-Jim Bartos, Reader’s Digest.

#2. This confused little tyke. But who can blame him?

#3. This one’s got their priorities straight

#4. They can be offensive and polite at the same time

My son and I were playing catch, and I made a terrible throw that went over his head. I apologized for the bad throw I made. He gave me a kind look and said “No dad, That was a really great throw.” He took 2 steps to get the ball then turns to look at me again “Remember when you told me we say something nice, even when we don’t mean it at all, that’s called being polite, right?”  and gave me a thumbs up.

-u/omgwtfbob, Reddit

#5. This little philosopher in training

#6. When they know something went wrong, but they don’t want to tell you

#7. Let’s just get this thing straight

I think we can all relate to this little one’s frustration.

#8. The perfect example of kids being unfiltered

4y.o: “How old are you pappy?.”

Dad: “59”

4y.o: “Oh, so next year you’ll be 60?”

Dad: “Yes.”

4y.o: “And after that, you’ll be dead.”

Then she shrugged her shoulders.

-u/crundy, Reddit

9. The Artist.

My husband got this after making us dinner

Katieerubbel, Instagram