9 Ways to Decorate for a Christmas in July in Australia

9 Ways to Decorate for a Christmas in July in Australia

Christmas in July sounds absurd, right? Well for many countries below the equator this is an actual thing. In Australia, it’s an unofficial celebration to emulate a winter Christmas. Because of Australia’s strong British ties, Australians enjoy the festivities and try to mimic events that are usually done in the winter season. Don’t get us wrong, Not everyone in Australia celebrates in July, but for some, they even throw Christmas themed parties and decorate their living spaces to have a wintery Christmas celebration. Whether it be wreaths or Christmas wall decals, we’re here to give you 9 tips on how to best decorate your house to make your Christmas in July gatherings extra special

  1. Keep your fireplace/mantlepiece festive

The mantlepiece is the centrepiece of many Christmas celebrations, its where people gather to talk and open gifts. What better reason to put your fireplace and surrounding shelves to good use when decorating. So, it’s a must to dress your fireplace for the occasion. 

A cute elf doll is perfect for this area of the home. Mums can save space here and just prop the little guy up on a book-shelf or above hanging stockings. Also, don’t forget to decorate with some fresh pine or juniper for a real homey Christmas feel. 

  1. Decorate the kids’ bedrooms

Let the kids be just as much a part of your Christmas in July celebrations as you are. Show them that you can have Christmas parties in July too whilst decorating their rooms. They can have their very own Christmas tree and even decorate it themselves. Removable Christmas tree wall decals are perfect for this. 

Just find a spot in their room with enough space and voila! The kids are in on the fun too. Try also using other Christmas wall decals like Christmas wall art which is widely available online. The kids will be helping you in decorating for your Christmas in July parties every year!

  1. Dress up the dining room chairs and table

The dining room chairs and table shouldn’t get left out. As you’ll be spending most of the afternoon or evening (or both) around the dining table, so it's only expected that you decorate it to full effect. 

Run some tinsel around the chairs or place some Christmas themed seat cushions out. The same goes for the dining room table. Think reds and greens or silver and golds to highlight the Christmas feel for the table-cloth.  Even propping a plush elf as a centrepiece on the dining table is a nice touch. Of course, choose the colours and designs you like the most. Have fun with it just as much as you will enjoying Christmas in July. 

  1. Create name tags for lunch/dinner guests 

As the dining table will be the main focus of most Christmas themed parties in July get-togethers, don’t forget who’s coming. In other words, don’t forget to put out some name cards for all your guests. The decorating doesn’t stop here either. You can use Christmas wall decals to decorate name tags for your guests. These are easily purchased online and come in an array of different designs and colours. Try designing each name tag with a different Christmas wall art decal. This is one even the kids can get involved in too and help choose what sticker to apply for each guest.

  1. Don’t forget to decorate the front door

Another thing you’ll want to jazz is your front door. Especially for those guests who have never been to your house before. Decorating the front door can help them find your home for the July celebrations. Popular items to decorate the front door with are wreaths, Christmas ribbon or even Christmas bells. 

You can use Christmas wreath wall stickers as an alternative to the traditional wreaths. Designed to peel off without any mess, it’s also another option to display the festive spirit this July. There are plenty of different colours and designs to choose from so go forth and use your imagination.

  1. Personalise presents using Christmas wall art  

Who says Christmas wall art has to be used on the wall? Try using these stickers to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your presents this July. Even if you aren’t planning on buying big on presents, you can still use presents as decorations. 

Get some empty boxes and wrap them in some plain wrapping paper. Then to add that extra Christmas charm place some Christmas decals on the front. A great way to fill that empty space under the Christmas tree too. 

  1. Set up a removable Christmas tree wall decal 

Lacking space? Maybe you are renting and living in a small apartment but still, want to hold a small Christmas themed party in July. Whatever the case may be, a great way to save space but still decorate is to use Christmas wall decals. 

In the place of a Christmas tree, you can create your own removable Christmas tree wall decal. The best thing is that since this wall art is removable, which means there’s no mess to clean up after putting it up. You’ll also have more room to entertain your guests.

  1. Use candle lights for that feeling of warmth

Are you wanting to decorate the Christmas tree you’ve just put up? Or are you thinking of something else to decorate the dining table with? Whatever your reason, try using candle-lights. Candle-lights not only look great and create a very ambient feel for your living space. They also create a warm feeling. For those cold and crisp nights during winter. 

  1. Add some natural charm inside

With all the classic Christmas decorations sorted, it’s also worth having some natural tidings to decorate with. Bring the outside in and get a real mistletoe or even a flowery centrepiece made up to place inside the home. Propping some pinecones, spruce or juniper around the mantlepiece will look great next to your elf plush dolls too. Even though in Australia Christmas in July may be somewhat artificial, don’t let your decorations be too. Here’s your chance to truly decorate with authenticity this winter.