Activities Before the Kids Go Back to School

Activities Before the Kids Go Back to School

There is so much that the kids can get involved in these summer holidays before school once again starts up. If it’s heading to the beach, they will need to take their sunglasses and maybe even a kids’ kite too so they can really soak up some fun under the sun. Or have them keep cool under the air-con and enjoy a play session inside.

Think kids’ play tents, indoor cubby houses or maybe even some easy-going art time at home. You could even take them to the library with their very own personalised library bags they can also use when school returns.  

You may already have heard the cries of, “We don’t want to go back yet!” Well, have a browse below at some fabulous ideas to keep the kids entertained before it’s once again all systems go and back to school.

Every young kid loves a day at the beach

Got the kids sweating it at home on these long hot summer days? Are Ice-blocks and aircon just not doing the trick to cool down? Why not pack the car and head down for a free day out at the beach!

What more could you ask for: sun, sand and the refreshing feel of the waves cooling you down. Make sure the kids are well looked after and try bringing along a kids’ kite for them to launch high into the sky.

You will also need to protect them from the sun so don’t forget to slip, slop, slap as well as bringing along their sunglasses. Of course bathing suits are a must too so don’t forget to pair the little ones with a float suit. These are perfect for blocking out the harmful rays of the sun when out in the water.

Keep it cool with an indoor play session at home

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it is just too hot to head outdoors in summer. So another great idea is to entertain the youngsters at home. There are many fantastic options to busy the kids amongst the coolness indoors.

Try helping them to build a cushion cubby-house and create a new adventurous play-space for them to rest, relax and sleep in day and night. You can also create the same atmosphere and adventure with a kids’ play tent. Kids’ play tents come in a variety of different themes and colours suitable for both boys and girls.

Another great idea is to have a quiet and easy-going colouring in session at home. Bring out the kids’ creative sides here and start your own art summer holiday art classes. They will just love it!

Take a trip to the local library

What better place than the local library to escape the heat this summer. It’s cool, quiet and a great place for the kids (and you) to relax and unwind. Especially when the outside is too hot.

A great idea is to purchase personalised library bags for the kids before you venture off. These are easily available to buy online from a variety of different stores and gives the kids the challenge of seeing how much they can fit in.   

Let their imaginations ‘roar’ with a trip to the zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? It really is a great place for an adventure before the kids have to pack their bags and head back to school. Sure they have a favourite animal and what better way to spark their curiosity than by seeing a lion or tiger in the flesh. Even a cheeky monkey could get a laugh out of them too!

If the price of admission looks a little nasty, you could bring some lunch along and enjoy a small picnic amongst the noises of the wild. Of course you’ll want the kids to be sun-smart too and bring along lots of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

There is always a great day out to be had at the zoo. So get the little ones together and make the most of these school holidays whilst there’s still time.  

Have a day out and picnic at the park and playground

How many times have you driven past the neighbourhood park and seen hoards of families getting amongst the sun and fun? Well, now it’s your turn. Take the kids kites with you for those blustery days, some lunch and snacks too and don’t forget as always to bring some sun-smart gear including the kids’ sunglasses.

Kids love exercise so make sure you head to a park with a playground that allows for optimal playtime but a place that also has safe landings. You can also bring along a kids’ play tent which can double as a shady spot for the little ones to enjoy their snacks, drinks and lunch.

The local park and playground doesn’t cost a cent to go to and is just another great holiday activity for all your kids and their friends to enjoy.