Applying your BoscoBear Removable Room Art - Helpful Hints

Please note: before starting, if you have freshly painted walls, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for the paint to cure prior to applying any of BoscoBear's removable room art.

Step One:
Thoroughly clean walls of any dust where the BoscoBear removable room art will be applied with a dry towel or cloth.

Open your kit and lay it on the floor. Again, please note: packages might get hot or cold during shipping so it might be necessary to let the removable room art to get acclimated to room temperature for a few hours before application. Why is this important? The removable room art material may expand or contract during shipping and can cause the adhesive not to stick properly.

Step Two: 
Plot your kit on the wall with a lead pencil. Happy? When peeling the removable room art away from the backing, slowly peel from the largest part first. Be careful to peel "evenly" so the removable room art does not form a kink in it.

Step Three:
For the smaller removable room art, simply press to the wall and rub your hand from the
top of the removable room art to the bottom. If you change your mind, slowly and
evenly peel the sticker from the wall and reposition.

For larger removable room art, position the top part of the removable room art to the wall and press gently to stick the top half to the wall. While still holding the other part of the removable room art, check to see if straight and in the position you like. (It works even better if there is someone to help.) If the removable room art is in the position you like, rub your hand from the top of the removable room art to the bottom or back. Press the palm of your hand hard enough to where the removable room art adheres to the wall. Smooth the ends of each removable room art with your fingers to bed down the edges.

Although the removable room art is recommended for smooth surfaces, they can be applied to textured surfaces with varying degrees of success.

Why is this? Because there is less surface on textured walls for the removable room art to stick to, sometimes a few edges of the removable room art can curl up. Because the adhesive is pressure-sensitive, it might be a simple matter of just pressing the edges that might have been missed during the initial application a little harder to the wall. If they continue to curl you can apply rubber cement to the sticky side of the removable room art with the applicator brush or small paint brush, then press and hold for about 30 seconds. Any excess glue can simply be rubbed away once dry without harming the walls or the removable room art. Most importantly the rubber cement will not affect the ability to remove the removable room art at a later time. You can also use a spray adhesive to give the removable room art more tack to a problem surface.

Note: There are different degrees of spray adhesive strengths so read the directions on the can carefully for compatibility to your wall surface and how to apply to the back of the removable room art.

Please don't apply stickers within reach of a small child or near their bed or cot as they may be a choking hazard.