Australian Holiday Tips: How to Save Space using Wall Decals and Other Decorations

Australian Holiday Tips: How to Save Space using Wall Decals and Other Decorations

Decorating your home for Christmas time is always a joyous occasion. It brings about cheer and a feeling of warmth no matter the size of your dwelling. But what do you do when you have a smaller place to decorate and with a limited amount of space? The answer is plenty! Even in places traditionally kept to entertain or dine in, there are actually a lot of ways to bring out the Christmas spirit. Australian wall decals are fantastic way of saving space in an apartment, flat or unit without cluttering the area you live in. An ‘elf plush dolls’ or special Australian Christmas tree decorations are also great possibilities when needing to preserve space to entertain this Christmas.

Read on below to find out how you can decorate to your heart’s content this Christmas, whilst also leaving enough room to celebrate. 

Decorate a corner in the home with a flat-back Christmas tree

A flat-back Christmas tree is perfect for halving the space that a normal sized tree would take up. All you need to do is clear a small corner in your home and voila! You’ll have enough space to place a Christmas tree and hang some Christmas tree decorations too. Just spread the branches out from the corner you’ve set up and place your Christmas presents underneath. A really great alternative to a regular tree that will save some space.

Australian Christmas wall decals

Any vertical surface in the home is perfect for going all out when wanting to decorate a small space such as an apartment or unit this Christmas. A huge range of Australian wall decals are available as online gifts and many with free delivery. Why not stick a wreath to the back of your front door, wall or even on your fridge for a touch of that Christmas spirit. If you’re really short on space you can even try some Australian Christmas tree decorations such as floating Christmas trees stickers for the wall. They may not be the same as a real tree, however they display the festive spirit just as well. Other possible decorative ideas for the wall include framing your Christmas cards, Christmas wall art or putting up the kids’ Christmas artwork from school.

Hang Christmas lights on and around your windows or on a wall-wreath

Light up Christmas tree decorations in Australia are not the only way of creating that feeling of warmth this Christmas. For those with minimal space in the home, try hanging lights on the inside of your windows for an instant festive spark. Another fantastic option (as mentioned above) is to use flat surfaces to hang a wreath. But don’t stop there! Again create that feeling of warmth by adding some small fairy lights to your hung wreath. This can make all the difference.

Fully utilise the space on your mantelpiece

Your mantelpiece is about the only shelf space in your home that doesn’t really have a specific purpose. Unlike book shelves and TV cabinet shelves that typically hold your collection of novels and movies, make the mantelpiece your decorative space this Christmas. Take down the family or holiday photos over Christmas time and replace them with some garland, Christmas ribbons or even prop an elf on the shelf on it for something a little different.

Cover and dress up the chairs

Especially if you are planning to have the family, relatives or in-laws over, this makes for a great way to decorate your dining area without having to add to it. Try looking for online Australian Christmas gifts such as decorative chair covers. When ordering you may even receive free delivery during the month leading up to Christmas as many online stores do special Christmas-time promotions. A another great idea is to get your chair covers embroidered with the names of your Christmas dining guests. This means no extra name tags have to made or set out amongst your Christmas feast, saving on more clutter.

Use your wrapping paper to double as Christmas decorations

How many times have you found that you buy a whole roll of wrapping paper at Christmas time and never use all of it? There are so many Christmas presents in Australia handed out around the home every single year, and wrapping paper just gets thrown out once it’s torn off. How about saving some wrapping paper this year for a different purpose? Grab some empty boxes from around the house, or wherever you can find them, and use your excess wrapping paper to wrap decorative Christmas presents. Place them on the mantelpiece, below a Christmas tree or on shelves with some space.

Hang stockings from your mantelpiece

This might seem as an obvious one if you have a mantelpiece (and even if you don’t, you can make a standalone shelf your makeshift one). By hanging Christmas stockings below a mantelpiece doubles the amount of decorative space you may normally look past. These stockings can also be used to hold small presents inside them if you don’t find space for a Christmas tree in the home. Just make sure you don’t overfill the stockings and bring down the mantelpiece shelf!