Grow up to touch the sky.

BoscoBear's Friend Giraffe growth chart has grown up to touch the sky. Chart milestones in your children's'  lives as they aim for the sky. This delightful giraffe decal stands 1.7 m high. Tall enough to chart little people, mums and dads, grannies and grandpas, and any giants who may pass by. 

BoscoBear wall stickers are designed to inspire imagination in children. 
Have a good look at BoscoBear. Is he a cat or is he a bear? You have probably wondered. BoscoBear is a 'bear'. Actually, not really. He is a 'bear ' in his imagination. Life is a bit dull as a cat so Bosco imagines he is a black bearBosco has lots of fun imagining he is a bear. Instead of curling up in some warm, sunny spot in the garden, he can be off having amazing BoscoBear adventures with his BoscoBear friends. He can float in a hot air balloon. He can play in the jungle with the monkeys. He can travel to another galaxy with astronaut boys and girls. He can swim under the sea with whales and turtles. He can play with a scarecrow and sail over the horizon with friendly pirates. Life is so much fun with a bit of imagination.

BoscoBear Growth Charts Wall Stickers are easy to install.

  1. Test your wall surface with the 'Q' included in the wall sticker kit. If the 'Q' sticks to the wall and removes without damage then you are good to go. 
  2. Choose your spot. Bedroom, family room, playroom, kitchen. Somewhere to engage the family. (Great for visits to grannie if she lives somewhere far away).
  3. Measure up. Note the growth chart is placed 50cm up the wall (i.e. not at floor level).
  4. Get perspective. Use masking tape to test placement of the chart on the wall.
  5. Use a level to make sure the growth chart will be straight. Make a simple level. Tie a spoon to a string and dangle. Physics will work its magic and enable you to mark straight lines.
  6. Mark with a pencil. Lightly mark around the outside of the chart to make sure you stick it where you want it. The pencil can be easily removed later.
  7. Peel the top 30 cms of the growth chart from the backing sheet tucking the backing sheet below the exposed sticky part. (It will sit between the wall and the growth chart).
  8. Stick the sticky bit to the wall. Be guided by the pencil marks.
  9. Rub over the top part with a soft cloth. This action bonds the growth chart to the wall.
  10. Smooth out air bubbles. Work from the centre outwards, smoothing out any air bubbles that may have formed. 
  11. Stick the remainder of the growth chart to the wall. Now the top part has stuck to the wall, it is really easy. Working in sections, pull the backing sheet downwards (using both hands, one hand either side). Continue the smoothing with a soft cloth process.

In no time, the Giraffe Growth chart will be ready to measure all the important people in your world. BoscoBear has a range of Growth Charts wall stickers - charts for babies, boys, and girls.

Enjoy charting your families milestones with BoscoBear wall stickers for kids rooms. The cat with a big imagination.