BoscoBear Bunting wall decals - great as Christmas decoration for kids
Bunting has become very popular as wall stickers for kids. So why not use it as Christmas decoration for kids? Christmas wall stickers to be used by kids! Check it out and see if it has possibilities for your little decorators.

Peel and stick installation. Great for little hands. 
BoscoBear's Christmas Bunting wall stickers are super easy to install. Peel and stick is so easy. Just peel each decal from the backing sheet and stick the decal onto the wall.

Tip One. Plan the positioning with your enthusiastic decorator before it is stickup time. Discuss how it is all going to happen so there is a happy end result. 
Tip Two. To get a curved line, or if you prefer, a straight line, tape a string to stretch between the start and the end point. This string will be the guide for placing the Bunting decals. Just follow the line of the string to get symmetry. You may find it easier to mark the wall with a pencil that will clean off when the Bunting is removed after Christmas.
Tip Three. Keep the backing sheet so you can take down the Christmas Bunting wall stickers when Christmas is over and store away until next Christmas. In most cases this is possible, provided care is taken and BoscoBear installation instructions are followed. Make sure storage is flat and the atmosphere dry. Reuse makes decorating with BoscoBear Bunting very affordable

Bunting Christmas kits
Christmas Bunting wall stickers are available as the Merry Christmas Quote or as decorative Christmas Bunting. BoscoBear designers have incorporated Christmas stars, Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas baubles, Christmas holly, Santa, angels, and reindeer into the designs. The colour combinations blend traditional Christmas colours of red & white and red, white & green. Which one will your little Christmas decorator choose?

An ideal school activity in the lead up to Christmas.

Keep the kids occupied. Order now and you will have them in time for Christmas decorating. Free shipping for over $100 order. Great also if you are spending Christmas away from home. Perhaps your family is spending Christmas at Grannies or in a holiday house. Removable wall stickers are just right for Christmas decorating away from home. Peel and stick wall stickers are wall-friendly. Just check the painted surface to be decorated. Test with the Q test sticker before you begin. 

Bunting wall decals - Merry Christmas Quote (Red & White)

Christmas Bunting Wall Stickers (Red, Green & White)

Enjoy Christmas decorating with BoscoBear wall stickers. The kids will love it. 
Good luck from the BoscoBear Team.