BoscoBear Growth Charts

BoscoBear's Removable Room Art - Growth Charts are a fantastic, lasting product that grows with your children! BoscoBear's growth charts are available in four fabulous designs: our 1.7-meter giraffebutterfliesfairies and under the sea. We have more designs just around the corner!

Here are some ideas on applying your growth charts to walls and other surfaces:

Step one: Find a ruler and a cloth (wrap the cloth around the ruler tightly). This is to be used as the application tool - great for smoothing and removing any air bubbles.

Step two: Decide on where you are a going to place the BoscoBear growth chart. 

An idea - Why not wander down to Bunnings and buy some plywood? Bunnings will cut the sheet to the size that you want - our growth charts are 300mm wide and 1500mm tall.

Step three: Use a tape measure to measure two meters from the floor. It's important that it is measured from the floor and not the top of skirting boards or other floor edging.

Step four: Use your ruler and a graphite pencil to draw a straight level line and a corner 2 meters up from the floor. You may need to step on a chair or a small foot ladder.

Step five: Separate the removable room art growth chart corner from the adhesive backing and match the corner to the lead pencil markings.

Step six: Wrap the cloth around the ruler tightly, and with the ruler as a smoothing instrument, remove the back and place the adhesive on the wall.

Step seven: Keep the removable room art growth chart tight and hold it away from the wall at a 45-degree angle as you follow with the ruler smoothing down the growth chart.

Step eight: Repeat to the bottom of the chart. Smooth bubbles with the ruler as you go. Should you make a mistake, gently lift the growth chart, keeping it at a 45-degree angle and reposition.
Note that in the first 48 hours, the growth chart may lift ever so slightly around the edges. Smooth with your hand, applying pressure - this will stick the removable room art growth chart.

Should you like to know more about our BoscoBear Removable Room Art Growth Chart products or would like to suggest a theme, contact us at or call us at 1300 267 262.