Christmas Adventure Ideas with your elf on a shelf

Christmas Adventure Ideas with your elf on a shelf

If you don’t already know, not everywhere in the world does this little elf experience a cold, white Christmas. Sometimes they might be in hot Hawaii, arid Australia, or even tropical Tahiti. Your Elf on the Shelf definitely has their work cut out for them. So, why not let them enjoy a little adventure too? Just imagine an Elf on the Shelf Hawaiian Holiday outfit to keep your elf scout cool in the hot weather. Or how about making them feel extra festive and dressing up your elf with the Elf on the shelf jolly gingerbread activity set. These are just some of the great activities your elf can get up to at Christmas and they want you to join in too!   

Fun in the sun!

If you ever find yourself in a warmer place this Christmas spare a thought for your beloved elf too. An Elf on the shelf Hawaiian holiday outfit is the perfect way to keep your elf cool this summer at Christmas time. Because your elf will be moving around a lot during the hot nights to travel back and meet Santa – they will need the appropriate attire. You could even get the kids together and ask them what else your elf may need to travel so far back to the North Pole. Think of organising a Christmas craft session with the kids to see what else would go well with their elf’s funky new Hawaiian threads. Maybe they would like to make a surfboard for your elf to surf the seas back to see Santa? Or how about a sun hat so the little elf doesn’t get burnt on his way through Australia each night. The possibilities are endless!

Even elves love to get into the festive spirit!

Whilst everyone else dresses up for Christmas festivities, your elf too can make a lasting impression! Watch as your elf transforms into a little gingerbread character with the elf on the shelf jolly gingerbread activity set. Complete with its own gingerbread house and Christmas themed design, your elf will really be noticed and become a part of all Christmas celebrations. The kids will love their elf’s new look and might even get inspired to ask Mum and Dad to make some tasty Christmas gingerbread themselves. You might even wake up one morning to find that your elf has decided to make some special gingerbread treats for you. They are always looking out to see you on your best behaviour.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – wait no it’s the Elf on the Shelf!

Capture a little girl power with your special little elf this year. Always on the go and working hard each night to keep Santa updated, your elf on the shelf deserves a bit of superhero status. Turn your elf into superwoman – the Christmas edition, with the elf on the shelf superhero outfit. Of course, many superheroes fly just like your favourite elf on the shelf. It is only fair that she gets a cape and stylish dress to fashion this Christmas time. So, let the kids share stories of how your elf soars across the skies, fighting all that gets in her way before reaching Santa in the North Pole. A great bedtime story for all!

Get out your winter woolies!

Only a sleigh ride away is fun with your elf on the shelf and the elf on the shelf soaring snowflake set. Whilst not all children might be able to enjoy a real white Christmas, let your elf whisk you away to a winter wonderland and help you imagine. Equipped with everything one needs to have fun in the snow, your little elf can spark that extra winter Christmas cheer. Let your elf take the lead on a snowy adventure within the home. Use your elf as inspiration to knock up Christmas snowflake cakes or cookies or try your hand at making snowmen cards out of cotton wool. You could even add a dash of fake snow under the Christmas tree so your elf can use his brand-new sleigh and play about.

This elf’s adventures never stop…!

The Christmas adventures and fun just keep on coming with the Elf on the shelf festive fun activity book. This activity book has over 100+ pages to keep the creative juices flowing for the little ones and adults alike. So, there are no excuses not to pull this book out whenever you’re feeling in the Christmas spirit. And remember, if your elf sees that you are keeping busy and using your elf on the shelf festive fun activity book, they might just tell Santa how good you’ve been. So, stay out of trouble and let this activity book keep you entertained with elf on the shelf adventures aplenty. Once you have completed a page you could even send it to Santa on Christmas Eve for him to see!