Get your Kids Inspired by Dressing up their Elves this Year

Get your Kids Inspired by Dressing up their Elves this Year

As Christmas approaches in Australia soon, your kids will want to be on their best behaviour in front of Santa’s little helpers. And as most parents know by now, it’s not just the birds outside who are watching your little one’s every move. The ever-popular elf on the shelf will be watching too. So, now is the perfect time to give them a makeover and keep them looking great? Find out below how to best dress your elf this year in readiness for Christmas Day.

See your elf on the shelf soar through the skies on a peppermint plane. Or even hear them rock out with a rock and roll outfit from the North Pole. Let your elf look a little different this year and keep them happy for Santa’s arrival.

Elf on the shelf soaring snowflake set

Since Australia gets quite hot and warm over Christmas, keep your elf on the shelf cool in the lead up to the big day. The elf on the shelf soaring snowflake set will transform your little elf into an acrobatic, wintery wild one, ready to hit the slopes. With this special outfit and accessories, such as a sleigh and matching scarf, your elf will thank you on Christmas Day. After all, your elf is one of Santa’s biggest helpers so make sure they get treated right!

Peppermint plane ride

Has your elf always wanted to fly like Santa?! Well, now they can with the elf on the shelf peppermint plane ride. Let your little guy, or girl, soar across the living room and all around the house to do their check-ups on the kids for Santa’s arrival come Christmas time.

No license is needed for this little plane ride, but just make sure the kids are on their best behaviour as the elf on the shelf will now be mobile as ever! Another great selection from the variety of elf on the shelf accessories available online.

North Pole rock and roll outfit

Let your elf rock out this Christmas with a radical and funky new outfit. Rather than have them sit quietly in the corner of the room all the time, let them make some noise with the north pole rock and roll outfit.

These elf on the shelf clothes are the perfect excuse to have a rock and roll party at home with everyone’s favourite elf. Just remember not to make too much noise during the night and wake your parents!

Elf on the shelf Superhero Girl outfit

Come one, come all! The Elf on the Shelf in Australia is getting a makeover like no other! Celebrate girl power as you turn your female elf into a superhero girl. Adorned with a cape, shield (and just as a pretty dress of course!), let your little elf become the hero of Christmas this year.

Fight off all the baddies – like the Grinch – and spread love, cheer and the Christmas spirit amongst the kids with this special outfit. All your kids will love to see the transformation of their much-beloved elf into a fun-loving, Christmas saviour.

Elf on the shelf Gingerbread activity set

Just like you might dress up on Christmas day, let your elf on the shelf enjoy their dress up time with the gingerbread activity set. Transform your little elf into a gingerbread man and bring on a different kind of festive creativity. Along with these cool, Christmassy elf on the shelf clothes, you can also prop a gingerbread house next to your elf to make it extra authentic.

Keeping your elf extra festive and happy is all an important part of keeping those presents flowing in on Christmas Day.

Elf on the shelf Santa Couture clothing bathrobe

Your elf is always hard at work. Looking over the kids and making sure they are behaving before Christmas isn’t an easy job. So, why not pamper your elf and give them the gift of relaxation this holiday period. Dress up your elf in a nice, snug and warm bathrobe ready for a bit of winding down. Oh! And swap those elves shoes over too as this elf on the shelf clothes set comes complete with slippers. How cute!

Let your little elf lap up some luxury this year and know that they are being taken good care of. As we all know if your elf is happy, you will be too (especially in the gift department!).

After going out of your way to please your elves with accessories and outfits galore, the last thing you’ll want to do is to lose them! Try purchasing some name labels at Australian online retailers – which there are plenty to choose from. These labels can be ironed on, stitched on or stuck on depending on the type of clothes and accessories you have bought for your elf.