Here Are 5 Ways To Customise Your Nursery

Here Are 5 Ways To Customise Your Nursery

When it comes to your child’s nursery you will want nothing but the best. After all the hard work of bringing your little one into the world, finally, you get the chance to make a special place for them at home. As a parent you will want everything set up just right to ensure the latest edition to the family can feel welcome and loved. Organise some personalised wall stickers for the crib, wall decorations, and colour themes for the surrounding walls or just make sure the right furniture is being placed in the room.

There are so many different options and styles to consider when creating the perfect place for your newborn. We thought we would make it easy and have narrowed the list down to five – take a look!

Establish minimalism

We think this is a must for any room in the house, but especially for your growing baby’s nursery. If your child grows up in a cluttered space this can often negatively affect their psyche, temperament, and even sleep pattern as they grow older. For example, if you as a parent organise a nursery full of toys and crammed in furniture, it is proven that this clutter will also transfer to your mindset and way of thinking. Just ask Marie Kondo! Your baby who is also so susceptible to your energy already will also find this clutter unsettling.

But never fear! There are still many great ways to ensure you don’t clutter the space in your child’s nursery and stylise the way you want. Try using wall stickers for kids for instance. These won’t impede any space within your child’s nursery as they will all be stuck to the wall. Remembering to store clothes and toys away out of sight will also help to keep the peace.

Only necessary furniture belongs!

Another good tip in customising your nursery, without overcrowding it, is by looking only at what you need. Placing in furniture and other items that will only serve a true purpose for the room are a good idea. This can include the following:

  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair
  • Cot
  • Clothing wardrobe
  • Shelves for toys, blankets, baby needs (feeding bottles, powders, creams, etc.)

Yes, you might be surprised. But this is all you need! With just these five additions to your child’s nursery, you can still find great ways to customise to your heart's content.

Create fun and soothing atmosphere

Every parent will want the absolute best out of their nursery. Especially if it’s for their first-born child. But before taking off and getting carried away with buying too much for your child, try and do things smartly.

Before stylizing and theming your child’s nursery, instead of asking yourself, “What do I want?”, be smart and ask, “What does my baby need?”. For any parent, as you will be spending a lot of time comforting your baby in the nursery, you will want things just right. Try some of the following to keep the mood ‘soft’:

  • Soothing colours – not too striking – to calm your baby during feeding and when going to sleep
  • Soft music is a great way to also bring the mood to the room – even if it is just by bringing in your mobile to use
  • Soothing light that’s not too bright – great to set the mood too!
  • Use a toy mobile above the crib – and other sensory toys with different sounds, shapes, and colours

Personalise, personalise, personalise!

Personalising your home nursery with the names of your child, colours, and themes for the room is always something to look forward to. Now that you have chosen a name for your newborn child, you’ll want everything to be just perfect for that first, second, or third little bundle of joy. Whilst some of us may think that personalising everything for our bubbas can be quite a costly exercise – this isn’t always the case.

There is a huge range of name labels in Australia for nurseries and kids, and they all come in so many different themes and colours. Using the internet and a bit of google help, you can find just the right personalised name sticker, iron-on clothing label, and wall sticker for your little boy or girl. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

We think it is so important to personalise your home nursery at the earliest possible chance. As your child or children grow older, they will slowly begin to recognise, read, and use their name. By personalising everything from their pyjamas to their pictures on the wall, you are adding a special touch to their young lives.

Organising the changing tablespace

Whilst this may not entirely be a ‘customisation’ of your home nursery, it is without a doubt a necessary part of the room.

Every household nursery should be equipped with a special changing table, customary to change the time for your little loved one. This piece of furniture will typically take up a lot of room in your nursery. However, it is most important to keep your changing table at around waist height or higher. This will prevent a sore back for parents who will constantly be bending over to tend to their child at changing times.

Here is also a fantastic chance to use personalised name stickers for all your baby changing needs. There is often so much to keep on hand nearby your changing table. So, labeling every item will even help Dad to know what’s what when Mum needs a break!