How Name Labels for Kids Can Establish Well-Looked-After School Uniform

How Name Labels for Kids Can Establish Well-Looked-After School Uniform

Think about how much money you as a parent have spent on school supplies now that school has gone back. There’s the school backpack, school drink bottle, school lunch box and the school stationery supplies. These are all necessary items for any school kid going back to school. But maybe you’re forgetting something on that back-to-school shopping list?

Did you know name labels for kids’ school uniforms and iron-on name labels can make such a big difference to the upkeep of your child’s uniform? Read on below to find out exactly why this is and why you should include such things as name labels for clothes this coming school year.

Why Iron-On Labels Should Be Included as Part of the School Uniform

Iron-on name labels are one of the better ways to affix a name and property possession marker to school clothes and uniforms. They simply bond onto any area of fabric once ironed on to your kids’ school clothes. Whether it be a jumper, shorts or even a school play hat, most iron-on labels have a strong bonding agent that allows for easy application. Not to mention they are also machine-wash-friendly and won’t become damaged or tear off in the wash. Keep your kids’ school uniforms looking fresh and tidy (and very organised). Just think. With iron-on name labels there is no more time wasting after work sifting through the lost property bin just to find your kid’s newly bought jumper etc.

What are the Advantages of Name Labels on School Uniforms?

Name labels for clothes really are a godsend. Not only do they allow for the personalisation of your child’s forgotten and misplaced school clothes, but they also keep a very organised outlook – for you as the parent and your child. By placing kids’ name labels, custom iron-on labels or other iron-on prints onto the kids’ school clothing, you can save a fortune without having to repeat purchase lost clothing. As any parent knows it’s not cheap to suit up the kids for school every year. So paying that little bit extra to ensure that only a one-off purchase is maintained is definitely worth it. Affixing name labels for kids’ clothing at school can also avoid mix ups outside of school. Whether the kids are at their friends’ houses or at a birthday party after school, ensure that their clothes aren’t lost in the fray of mess when their possessions are put down.

Save on School Excursions, Camps and Other Extra-Curricular Outings

School excursions, camps and many other out of school activities can be a parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to losing school clothing. The kids usually tend to run amuck when they finally get a chance to escape the classroom and this is when they run off with friends and leave their clothes behind. They just won’t worry about the expensive price tag you will later have to go back and search for. Let this not be the case and prevent repeat purchases at the school clothes shop by applying name labels for clothes and custom-iron on labels to track them back to their rightful owner. A great idea is to also have your phone number printed on the label for extra peace of mind and ease of return.

When Lost Property Isn’t a Problem Anymore

As mentioned, by attaching iron-on name labels or even custom iron-on name labels to your kids’ school clothes, this can greatly reduce the chance of loss at school or in the home. So many other classmates of your kids will have the same style (and maybe even size) of school uniform. Thus, when clothes are left lying around at school or in your home, lose the confusion of whose is whose when you apply name labels to your kids’ school clothes. There are a range of different name labels for clothes to place onto your kids’ school uniforms as well as iron-on name labels and custom iron-on name labels to buy in Australia. Simply search online and see what you can find.

What Effect will Custom Iron Labels have when Adding them to School Uniforms?

Name labels aren’t the only way to identify your kids’ school clothes. Custom iron-on labels are also available in Australia to purchase online. With so many designs to choose from, you and your kids are sure to find just the right kind of shape, animal or character to attach to the school uniform. The best part is that many custom iron-on labels won’t distract from the uniforms’ code. Each print will easily distinguish your child’s school uniform from others. At the same time these custom prints aren’t overbearing and won’t ‘trash’ the good looks of your child’s school uniform.