How to Install BoscoBear's Removable Room Art

How to Install BoscoBear's Removable Room Art

1. Clean the area you wish to apply your room art on. If you use water or detergent, please ensure the area is completely dry before application.

2. For glass and tiled surfaces, use a pump spray filled with water, a capful of Methylated Spirit, and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray on the area you would like to apply your room art on, leaving the area wet.

3. Grab a ruler and a cloth. Wrap the cloth around the ruler and use this to apply the room art.

4. Cut around the room art leaving a small border.

5. Position your room art marking the position with a pencil (this can be removed with an eraser). Try taping it up to view your positioning.

6. Peel off a section of backing sheet starting at the top.
Note: Room art can stretch so do not tighten or pull the material as you are applying.

7. Position the top of the room art in relation to your wall markings, gently moving your way down the room art removing the backing sheet as you go.

8. As you work your way down, smooth out any air bubbles (or water residue for glass and tiles) towards the edge of the room art.
Note: Please wait for 24 hrs for your room art to set.

Tips & Tricks for Installation & Removal

  • Peel room art straight back, not up or out. Remove slowly with care. Have patience, remember it is not nearly as hard as a stencil or wallpaper.
  • The cooler the room, the easier the installation. For removal, use a hair dryer to soften the graphic, warming it a little. NOTE: Do not use a heat gun or warm the room art too much as this will have the reverse effect.
  • Our products are reusable if proper care is taken. Dust, grease, and fragments will affect the adhesive. If you do wish to reuse any room art ensure you keep the backing sheet for storage and lay flat.
  • To keep your room art from peeling or bubbling, use a cloth to press down, concentrating around the edges. Due to environmental and temperature changes peeling may occur. Simply re-smooth as required.