How to Organise a Spacious and Functional Nursery

How to Organise a Spacious and Functional Nursery

How many times have you gone into your baby’s nursery room and thought – what a mess! With a little extra effort in reorganising your child’s nursery, you’ll be able to find things easier. You’ll also recover lost time trying to find misplaced baby items. Try using name labels for kids to keep track of your child’s belongings inside their room. You can also try to decorate with wall stickers to lessen the toys you need to clear out from the floor. You may even purchase personalised name stickers if you have more than one child to look after. 

Whether you have a newborn coming or are have already been settling into new parenting duties, you’re sure to find some helpful hints here.

Use a dresser as a changing table

This is a particularly great idea if you are short on space. For those living in a small apartment, there may not be enough space for a changing table. Instead, try using a dresser as a changing table. Just make sure that the dresser is of the right height to avoid any back pains, the last thing you want to do is hurt your back bending over. You also would want to be able to secure your child to avoid any accidents while changing their nappy.

Hang wire baskets on the wall

Another functional idea is to utilise the walls in your nursery for additional storage space. Try hanging wire baskets on the walls next to your changing table. You can put, essentials like wipes, creams or nappies within arms-reach. You then wouldn’t have to run across the room to get a hold of important items.

If you have more than one child, personalised name stickers will come in handy here too. Separate each of the kids’ belongings into separate baskets.

Replace floor clutter with wall stickers

Whether preparing for newborn or just redecorating your old nursery, there are sure to be plenty of gifts and toys coming your way. Every parent wants to make a nice cushy décor.  For a child, toys are a big part of their development. However, try not to go overboard, you might end up with a ‘toy shop’ instead of a nursery. Why not opt for décor of a different kind. Keep some toys but also try putting up wall stickers for kids on the walls. Stick them close to the changing table as it will act as a good distraction for the little ones when you change them. Like toys, engaging wall stickers from Australia are very good for your child’s stimulation and imagination.

Use decorative baskets to store excess toys

If you have too many toys, use decorative baskets around the house to store them. Choosing the right basket will not only keep the house looking good but it will also free up more room in your nursery when you need it. The great thing about this idea is that your kids don’t have to just centre their playtime in the nursery. They can also enjoy playtime in the living room or other rooms in your home. You could even use personalised name stickers on these baskets to signify whose toys are whose.

Use the space under the crib as a storage area

Save money and space by placing all your baby items under the crib. In order to store all these items to organise your nursery, you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of furniture.  For sorting and dividing use some baskets or tubs which are bought quite cheaply. You’ll also end up having everything stored in the one spot.

Use personalised name stickers if you have more than one child 

Not every family is the same. If you have more than one child, a handy hint is to use personalised name stickers on each of their baby items and belongings. This will help track down things for your children when you need them. Try adding these stickers to tubs or baskets you’ve placed under the crib. You can also use name labels for kids to personalise your child’s toy boxes and the baskets lying around the house. These labels will add a lot of character and charm to your child’s nursery and your home.

Label lotions and cream baskets/tubs

This is an important one! Avoid any nasty mix-ups for your children with allergies. Make sure you use personalised name stickers to properly label individual baby-care items. This will ensure you’re using the right baby creams and lotions on your kids. Avoid any nasty allergic reactions that could happen when things aren’t labelled properly.