Indoor Activities to do this Easter Term Break in Australia

Indoor Activities to do this Easter Term Break in Australia

The Easter school holidays in Australia are nearly upon us and there are plenty of activities to do together with the whole family. As the summer has already drawn to a close and the weather turns a little cooler, there are many opportunities to have some fun indoors.

Parents can join in with their kids and have an arts and crafts session at home. Think Easter themed wall stickers for kids such as Easter bunny stickers and Easter egg themed designs. Or how about trying to bring out the little chef in them with an Easter cook-off? The kids may even want to try redecorating their room for Easter as they await a visit from the Easter bunny.

Read on below to discover all this and more when busying the kids for this year’s Easter term break.

Easter Themed Arts and Crafts Session

An indoor arts and crafts session is a great way to fill up the time this Easter term break in Australia. Get the kids excited for Easter with hands-on projects that bring out the joy of Easter. Try creating Easter egg painting prints using potato halves.

Simply slice a few potatoes in half and then cut divets into the halves. From here get the kids to dab the potato halves into their favourite colour of paint and press onto the page. Then voila! They have made their very own Easter egg designed prints.

Another popular and fun art activity is making footprint bunny ears. Simply grab some pink paint, lay it out on a palette and let the little ones squish and squash their feet and toes into it. From here have them carefully step onto some white paper to create their footprint bunny ear.

Later cut around the dried footprint and place onto a bunny face you can also design with the kids too. The kids will love this one!

Lastly, why not help your children make a sticker book for Easter. There is a range of wall stickers for kids and Easter bunny stickers that you can stick into a large A3 sized art book. All of this is easily available to purchase online and in art and office supplies stores around Australia.

Easter Themed Cook-Off

Take advantage of the cooler weather during Easter break in Australia and include the kids in your Easter cooking plans. You could even arrange a few of their friends to come around for an Easter cook-off. As we all know kids love sweets.

So what better way to keep them occupied during Easter term break than with an Easter cooking extravaganza. Think of making their very own:

  • white/dark/milk chocolate Easter eggs – using Easter egg moulds and hundreds of thousands as the topping

  • hot cross buns (with or without raisins and fruit in them)

  • fruit flavoured hot cross buns – such as banana and caramel, or strawberry and white chocolate

  • chocolate Easter bunnies – using chocolate bunny moulds

Or even try a healthy alternative such as:

  • rice cake rabbits with rabbit face designs made from vegetables atop rice crackers

  • Easter bunny pikelets – design the faces with fruits and yoghurt

Redecorating the Kids' Rooms

What better way to prepare for a visit from the Easter bunny then have your kids decorate their own room. Make it like Christmas when you lay out the cookies and milk for Santa. But this time man your kids with an array of wall stickers and Easter bunny stickers which will capture their imagination and the spirit of Easter.

Stick them to their walls, doors and or anywhere else the Easter bunny will see them. You can even use personalised name stickers for your children’s Easter egg collection basket’s. They will know whose is whose once they wake up in the morning for their long-awaited Easter egg hunt.

So get the little ones excited about Easter in Australia this term break when it finally rolls around.

Organise an Easter Egg Hunt in the Home

Easter break in Australia would not be the same without an Easter egg hunt. Hold an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning, or just have one after you hold Easter festivities in the afternoon. Depending on the age of your kids, they will have more fun hunting for chocolate eggs after the Easter bunny has come.

After all, this always makes for an exciting adventure for the kids. They can see how many eggs they can find and rejoice in the Easter bunny’s visit. Otherwise, it can also be fun to hold another Easter egg hunt for the kids on a day that may be particularly cold and rainy outside around Easter holidays. They will love you for this!

Back-to-School Shopping with the Kids

At least at some point during the Australian Easter term break, you will need to prepare the kids for the new school term. This means going back to school shopping for term two. Whilst they may not always want to, let the kids tag along too.

It will get them out of the house and off their screens. They may also enjoy shopping for their favourite lunch box, drink bottle or backpack.

If on the other hand, you as a parent find yourself a little time poor these school holidays, hit the net with the kids and buy online. You may even need to repurchase kids school labels such as personalised name stickers. These may have either faded over time or simply are in need of replacement due to loss etc.

Kids school labels and personalised name stickers are available in many different online stores across Australia. So you wouldn’t have to wait an eternity for them to arrive. Even if it is online, get the kids involved. They can also have fun choosing their new back to school items.