Interesting Ways to Use BoscoBear's Personalised Labels

Interesting Ways to Use BoscoBear's Personalised Labels

BoscoBear’s range of personalised kids name labels is proving to be an extremely popular choice for mums and dads when labelling their children’s prized belongings. Items such as lunchboxes and drink bottles are having these personalised labels stuck on to ensure that these important possessions don’t go missing around the schoolyard.

These personalised kids name labels come in a variety of designs, the colours of your favourite footy team. The labels also come in packs designed to suit certain age groups, these being 0-4 years, 5-8 years, and 9+ years.

Personalised labels can also come in value packs, which are great for labelling all of your little ones' prized possessions when they start childcare or sharing with other children. Each pack contains large and small labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, and dummy dots. They provide some vibrant and colourful designs that can appear on the personalised labels, whilst also being a great money saver!

A great innovation has been the labels also being used for packaging purposes. The personalised labels provide a warm finishing touch to something special that has been packed or wrapped up, whilst providing a unique packaging option.

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