Join the fun this Christmas with additional Elf on the Shelf characters

Join the fun this Christmas with additional Elf on the Shelf characters

Every year, and at Christmas time, the elf on the shelf has been working hard. They always make sure to send Santa news on your children’s behaviour each and every night. All of this as well as travelling all the way to the North Pole. It hasn’t been an easy task for this one mighty, but a small elf. It has been only until recently that Santa’s special little helper is starting to receive some much-needed assistance. Additional characters like the adopt a pet Saint Bernard, adopt a pet fox and adopt a pet reindeer have all joined forces to help out our favourite little elf during Christmas. Now it’s time to find out more about all of them and how they can help bring Christmas cheer to families all around the world!

We all know that when you purchased your elf, they were adopted. The same goes for each of its little helpers available online. So, remember, just like adopting a real dog or cat, make sure to take extra special care of them all year round.

Adopt a Pet Saint Bernard

For as long as anyone can remember, dogs have been a gift that keeps on giving. When you choose to adopt a pet Saint Bernard to help out your elf on the shelf this year, they come with great responsibility. Not only shouldn’t you let your Saint Bernard get lost or run away but cuddle it and give it plenty of hugs too. Giving it love and hugs will help Saint Bernard gather Christmas cheer and keep the North Pole magical and Santa happy. This is its special mission from Santa all year long.

The adopt a pet Saint Bernard can also inspire kids to perform kind deeds, which creates lots of faith, hope and love. In order to help out, this little helper can also be kept with families all year round. So when your elf has to fly to report to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, shroud your elf pet in love aplenty. A worthy and loyal pet indeed!

Adopt a Pet Reindeer

Ah, the beloved Christmas reindeer. They are also part of the elf on the shelf’s Christmas helpers. Much like the Saint Bernard, you can adopt a pet reindeer into your home this Christmas. The pet reindeer also has a special purpose to help Santa too. This is to gather Christmas spirit so that Santa’s sleigh will fly high and get to where it needs to go on Christmas Eve.


So, kids, if you want to make sure Santa delivers your presents on time this Christmas, be sure to play with your reindeer and give it lots of cuddles. By giving your adopt a pet reindeer lots of love, this is what creates the Christmas spirit they need to help Santa.

Another fun fact about these special reindeer that kids will love to hear about is that on Christmas Eve they will magically grow to full size. This is their Christmas duty and their part in helping Santa guide his sleigh throughout the night on Christmas Eve.

Adopt a Pet Fox

Maybe the lesser-known of the elf on the shelf’s friends and companions is the adopt a pet fox. However, this magical Christmas character is just as important in helping Santa to deliver presents and Christmas joy to kids all around the world on Christmas Eve.

The arctic fox creates the northern lights high up in the sky to help Santa fly undetected on Christmas Eve. Without the magic of this little fox cub at Christmas time, Santa wouldn’t be able to sneak past the expectant eyes of girls and boys waiting for their presents on Christmas Day.

The adopt a pet fox also has the job of instilling hope into kids about the magic of Christmas. Kids can shake the little fox cub’s snow globe to show Santa that they believe in Christmas. The arctic fox can also shake his tail to create magical snowflakes that help light up the sky during Christmas Eve.

Just think of this little companion of your elf’s as the ‘guiding light’ that helps Santa to bring Christmas to all the children around the world.

Elf on the shelf Peppermint Plane Ride

Sometimes your elf will need a little more help than just Christmas magic to get him to the North Pole. With the Elf on the shelf Peppermint Plane Ride, ensure your favourite scout elf reports everything Santa needs to know pronto! The little elf will look great on the mantelpiece (or wherever they prefer to fly during the night). Just make sure his balloon is inflated well at all times in case he needs to shoot off and tell Santa just how good you’ve been. If you’ve been extra well-behaved, check the basket to see if your elf has any fun surprises for you too. They don’t call it a ‘peppermint’ plane ride for nothing!