Movember - Celebrity Babies Celebrate A Great Cause

Movember - Celebrity Babies Celebrate A Great Cause

You may have already heard about Movember on TV, on the radio or have even seen it advertised across billboards.  If you haven’t, let us fill you in.

Movember is a charitable cause to help raise awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and men’s mental health. Awareness for Movember is typically characterized by men growing out or growing their own moustache. However, only recently many celebrity Mum’s have also gotten in on the act and have mimicked a moustache for their own babies. Using funny dummies and novelty moustache pacifiers, it’s a hilarious look and a really catchy idea to put the word out about Movember.

A little bit about Movember

The Movember Foundation was founded in Melbourne, Victoria in 2004 by two brothers by the name of Adam Garone and Travis Garone. After a round of beers in the backyard one day, Adam and Travis, along with their mates, pondered why the old-fashioned moustache hadn’t come back into fashion. They also wondered why there was such a difference in the life expectancy between men and women. After much discussion, they found out the leading causes were to do with men’s mental health, male suicide and prostate and testicular cancer. So, in November 2004, Adam and Travis decided to tie together the come-back of the moustache for men and use it to help raise awareness for these important issues.

Now Movember is a global movement that aims to unite the wider community to talk openly about the issues of men’s health, testicular and prostate cancer. By sporting a moustache during the month of November, each year men can raise much-needed awareness for these cancers and better men’s mental health.

So how did moustache pacifiers catch on?

Since Movember began, celebrities too have decided to throw themselves at the cause to better men’s health. In recent years celebrities such as Bear Grylls, Stephen Fry and many others have shown their support to Movember by growing out their ‘mo’. Even well-known Aussie supermodel Megan Gale used a fake ‘mo’ to get the message out that, ‘men are dying too young’. Now it has even got to the point that celebrities are using their own babies to support the cause. In recent years celebrities such as Kimberley Stewart have been snapped walking the footpaths with her little one with a little mo. These celebrity’s baby’s dummies have really caught on and there are now a range of places where you can get fun pacifiers like the Movember mo.

Where can you get these funny dummies?

As many celebrities and other Mum’s are proving, a moustache pacifier is a really effective way to raise awareness for a good cause. Not to mention create some really funny and cute a snaps of your child that you can keep forever. So, you might also be wondering where you can get these funny dummies for your little one?

To start with, no, they are not just restricted to celebrities! There are many stores across Australia that sell these wonderful and wacky creations and many other designs. Besides the ever-popular moustache dummies, such as the handlebar and standard moustache dummies, you can even buy novelty lips dummies and even sports team coloured dummies. Just have a hunt around online as there are so many different creations out there. Remember though, if you’re wanting to support a great cause and enjoy your baby photos just as much, it’s hard to go past a funny moustache dummy.

A final note for a good cause

Movember is without a doubt a very worthwhile cause for the many who involve themselves in it. From the Mum’s to the little ones sporting their own special ‘mo’s’, it is so cute to see the support for men’s health shown in this way.  But we can’t forget that Movember is supporting a very important and serious cause. This is to help all those men whether they are our father’s, grandfathers, uncles, or brothers, stay happy and healthy for as long as possible.

This November remember, there are many ways that all family members can get involved and support a great cause. However you choose to support Movember, don’t forget the kids can be just as much there to put smiles on the faces of everyone.