Personalise the Kids Back to School Supplies this Year by Including Name Label Stickers and So Much More

Personalise the Kids Back to School Supplies this Year by Including Name Label Stickers and So Much More

Preparing your kids for the new school year can be a rushed and sometimes monotonous task. This year why not make a change? Take your time and allow for a more measured approach to back-to-school preparations.

Not only will you save the last minute headache of rushing around, but you can also have fun decorating your children’s lunch boxes with shape labels and name labels. How about adding a bit of pizzazz and extra personality to their school backpacks with a range of colourful kids’ labels or iron on clothing labels.

These are all typically available online and are a great way to personalise the kids’ back-to-school supplies. Allergy labels are also a great way to alert teachers, carers and other school children of your child’s allergies and can double as a creative way to inform them.

Read on below to find out more on how you can personalise your kids’ school supplies and accessories just in time for this coming school year. Never again will your kids think it’s boring to go back to school!

Get them to colour and design their own school backpack  

Your kids’ school backpack is a big part of their day. They are forever delving into it to pull out their lunchbox, school books, and of course take it to and from school. The school backpack says a lot about the person wearing it thus it is the perfect choice to spruce up come back-to-school time.

Try using a plain backpack (preferably white) and help your child to design their own favourite style or pattern onto it using fabric markers. Using a range of colours is best or even use special kids’ labels or shape labels available online to redecorate the backpack. For a blurred effect spray some water onto the backpack just after you have drawn your design or pattern.

Treat the backpack as a blank canvas and (with or without your child) go your hardest!

Redecorate a plain coloured lunch box

Kids often pull their lunchbox out in front of friends, teachers, and others so they don’t want just any ordinary-looking containers. A great idea is to cover and stylize their lunchbox with some of their favourite TV heroes, cartoon characters or colours, and animals. They will love this! The best way to do this is with adhesive stickers.

Try decorating with an array of your child’s favourite shape labels and kids’ labels for the youngsters or let the older ones’ cover their lunch boxes with their own personal stickers. It’s also worth it to place name labels on the young ones’ lunch packs to prevent loss and confusion amongst other students who have bought the same kind.

Also, add allergy labels to their lunch box to readily alert teachers, carers, and school friends of your child’s allergy – a great way to give you, the parent, peace of mind.

Redesign and decorate their exercise books and notepads

Another great idea is to redesign and re-cover your child’s school exercise books or writing pads. At some point, your child will be writing and drawing in class or using notepads and exercise books to complete their homework.

What better way to stand out from the rest of the class, but to add a personal touch to their belongings they will love. There are plenty of ways to do this – print out designs chosen from the internet, blow them up and adhere them to your child’s exercise books and notepads with laminate.

Magazine clippings, fabric, and stickers are also great for adhering to their books too. As always try adding name labels so these crafty creations aren’t lost at school.

Never forget allergy labels (they can be just as stylish too!)

Allergy labels are also a very important part of personalizing and stylizing your child’s school items before they head back into the classroom. For any parent who has a child with allergies, adhering allergy labels to their school belongings pretty much tops the list of back to school essentials.

Today there are many ways in which to apply and sport these labels. Stick specialised name labels on drink bottles and lunch boxes and even apply iron-on clothing labels to school uniforms.

There are plenty of cool designs to choose from. Try also handing these allergy and name labels to the school canteen staff at the start of the day if your child is buying lunch from the school shop.

Create a stylized blank canvas or plastic pencil case

Don’t forget the humble pencil case when it comes to those back to school stylizing tips. A first great idea is to purchase a blank canvas material pencil case (usually found in most discount stores for a cheap price).

Choose any colour your child might like and use it like your drawing board – add ink stamps to a white cover and pattern to their liking. Why not also try using different coloured fabric markers and have fun doodling designs with your child. Another option could be to buy a clear plastic pencil box and add some kids’ labels, shape labels or stickers to make their pencil case their own.

A name label can also be placed onto the pencil case so that if it does happen to go missing, all your hard work can be salvaged.

Even the standard school uniform can be personalised

With the use of name labels and iron on clothing labels, you can turn your child’s school uniform into something very unique that will also have a personal touch. There is a range of school iron on clothing labels to purchase online that will ensure you always have your child’s school clothing items coming home to their rightful owner.

The best thing is that the kids won’t mind wearing them too with a number of different designs always on offer. From specialised name labels that will go inside the collar to kooky little creatures crawling underneath the school play hat, stylize to your heart’s content knowing that even if lost, it won’t be long before they resurface.