Preparing for The New School Year with Name Labels

Preparing for The New School Year with Name Labels

It’s closing in on that time of year again and before you know it, it will be time for the kids to go back to school. Whilst you’d still love to settle back into the sofa and read your favourite book, getting organised now means more time for you and the kids later. 

There are always a lot of things to get done before school starts. From buying all the supplies they need for their arts and crafts to their daily snack boxes. One thing you probably haven’t thought about is all the labelling you will have to get done. Make sure your kids’ belongings stay in their hands and come back home too. So, take a look below as we have all your labelling needs and advice for that back-to-school rush.

Kids Sticky Name Labels

These are simple but helpful items for parents who are sending their kids back to school, not to mention those mums and dads who are sending their kids to school for the first time. 

In so many cases, other kids will have the same lunch containers, drink bottles and pencil cases like your child’s. So, to save them from the confusion in the schoolyard or classroom, apply sticky name labels to all your child’s school belongings. This goes for textbooks and exercise books. Having kids’ sticky name labels will also help avoid schoolyard arguments due to confusion. Teachers can easily identify whose pencil case belong to whose by properly labelling your child’s belongings

Iron-on Name Labels

Your child’s classroom and mealtime belongings aren’t the only items that can quickly be lost or misplaced if not labelled. If you have a child who is returning to school, you may have experienced this before. But if you are sending your kids to school for the first time, it’s worth knowing that labelling their uniforms is just as important. The last thing you want to do is to sift through the lost and found property clothes bin after school. 

To avoid this, you can purchase some iron-on name labels. These labels are meant to endure the wear and tear of your usual laundry cycle, so it’s perfect for the clothes your kids wear to school. Clothes aren’t cheap and this includes uniforms. Purchasing some iron-on name labels will ensure your child’s’ clothes will not end up in the lost and found bin.

Waterproof Name Labels

When it comes to preparing your kids for the school year ahead, waterproof name labels are probably the last thing you would think of. However, these labels can come in just as handy. Since it’s still summer, check with your school and see if there are any upcoming visits to the local swim centre or pool. If so, then there’s another good reason for you to prepare some waterproof name labels. Your kids will be excited when they get to the pool and taking care of their bags and belongings will be the last thing they will think of. So whether it be applying these labels to their bags, drink bottles or lunchboxes, rest assured no water splashes will rub off their names.

At school, your kids can get messy too. So, even if there are any accidents in the rain or spillages in the classroom, by applying waterproof name labels, you won’t have to worry about ruining the stickers. Plus, washing your kids’ lunch boxes will be a breeze.

Allergy Labels

Your child will encounter many different environments. That’s why It’s important to take precaution especially if you have a child with allergies. Whether your child has a food allergy or a grass allergy, you will want them to avoid any contact with these allergens as it could mean serious consequences to your child’s health.

An effective way to prevent an allergic reaction for your child at school is to apply allergy labels to their things. This includes lunch boxes, snack containers (for recess) or even on their bags. you can also use Allergy Labels for clothes while keeping your kids' clothes looking cool. No matter where these labels need to be seen, you will thank yourself for preparing them for your kids before school starts. A teacher awareness meeting about your child’s allergies is also highly advisable before school starts for the year.

Name Labels for Kids

Another great idea to prep the kids in time for this year’s back-to-school rush is to grab a few name labels for kids. These aren’t all stick-on labels and can be also be used as identifiers for the kids clothing (iron-on) or other school property that might get lost. You can purchase a range of different styles and designs to differentiate between your kids’ school belongings. Find most of these labels in many online stores which are now widely available.

Parents of kids going to school for the first time will particularly find these labels really handy. For example, when the kids meet their classmates for the first time, it’s nice to have a clear and funky label to introduce themselves. It can also become a talking point for them and their classmates depending on what cool designs they have on their school items.