Standout this Back-to-School Period with Stylised Name Labels

Standout this Back-to-School Period with Stylised Name Labels

Kid’s name labels might be the last thing you think of when purchasing back-to-school gear for the kids’ this new year. But these labels can make all the difference in style, uniqueness, and eye-catching designs you might not find anywhere else. Most of these labels are found online and can even be designed to your very own individual tastes too. It’s also good to know that when things go missing, by applying sticky name labels to them, they can more often than not just boomerang straight back to their rightful owner. Well worth a purchase, kids name labels are something you should definitely include on this year’s back-to-school shopping list!

Stand out from the (school) crowd!

There is a huge range of funky, cool, and cute name labels offered online.. Just search the web and you will find all kinds of different types of iron-on name labels, skinnies clothing labels and sticky labels for kids, just to name a few. For girls or for boys, you will have no trouble finding something for everyone. And because there are so many companies online who are selling these labels, you also won’t be short of finding something that no-one else has in the schoolyard.

Make school meal-time fun!

The best thing about these cool and unique labels is that they know no boundaries. For example, you can even place sticky labels for kids onto your child’s lunchbox, snack pack or drink container. There is a massive choice of different kids designs online to choose from that any boy or girl will be happy to put on display at lunch or recess. This makes mealtime extra enjoyable for your little ones to express themselves and create a fun talking point with their friends. Better yet these labels are water and heat safe so won’t get ruined by stubborn spills or hot water when washing at home.

‘Shape’ it to how you want it!

If you’re familiar with most sticky and iron-on name labels for kids, you would have noticed there are a lot of labels available just in word form. Unbeknownst to some, there are also shape labels available such as shape clothing labels. These labels add a bit more style and expression to clothing labels and your kids will love to look for them on their school clothes. So, why have just a regular worded name label when you can add a bit of flair, colour, and style to it. There are many different designs online to explore and purchase that won’t break the bank. Does your son love tigers and want to put his name next to it? Or is your daughter the ‘princess’ of the bunch and want to have this displayed on her school dress?

Give the kids school threads a nifty upgrade

As mentioned above, you can even add a bit of personalisation to the kids clothing with iron-on name labels for kids. But shape clothing labels aren’t the only way to do this. There is also another iron-on option to add to your kids’ school clothing called skinnies clothing labels. These labels are typically narrower and fit perfectly on the inside or outside of your child’s school uniform or sportswear. Being ‘skinnies’ labels they are smaller than shape clothing labels and don’t obstruct the natural design of your child’s uniform. Skinnies clothing labels are also ideal in preventing the loss of school clothing. There is space for a name and phone number to contact when lost clothing is found. Peace of mind for parents who would rather not re-purchase more school gear!

Let you and your child become the creators!

If your online label stockist doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, remember there are many online retailers that also offer a design your own label option. This is a fantastic way to create unique and specialised name labels that your kids will love and love to show off. The ‘design your own labels’ option in most online kids labels stores is where you’ll want to head. To get here look for the small magnifying glass or search option at the top of the page and simply type in ‘design your own labels’.

So, if you’re looking for a customised way to make your own label, try this option out on most online webstores for kids labels. After all your kids are the most unique and special people in the world! Gather them around the computer with you and help them to bring out their own uniqueness and individual creativity. Their schoolmates will want to know where to get these special labels and they will be the talk of the schoolyard.