The Importance of Having Name Tags

The Importance of Having Name Tags

In life, things go missing right? This is particularly true if you have kids. Even more so if they go to school. So, the importance of kids’ name labels cannot be underestimated. Name labels really are a must and can also prevent overspending and paying twice for items you shouldn’t have to. As a parent, you will have greater peace of mind when labels are on things and they can be found again. There are many different reasons why name labels should be a priority on your shopping list this year, and it’s not just to organize our little ones. Let us show you why.

Prevent school belongings from going missing

Don’t you just hate losing, well – anything! Especially when you have gone and taken the time out to pick just what you need and want. This may be the case when you are buying school supplies for the kids. Never fear and put this atop your list of school items to get straight away. Kids school labels! These are perfect for keeping track of those lost items accidentally dropped or left behind at school. By ensuring you place personalised name labels on your child’s belongings sooner than later, you will avoid the headaches of having to buy them again. This brings us to our next point of the importance of name tags…..

Don’t overspend and repeat purchase

This is particularly relative to your kids’ clothes which can be so expensive to repurchase. Just think of the time you as a parent spend on getting the kids away from their screens, getting them into the car, and finally trying on clothes that they are happy with. This goes for at school and also at home. Make sure you grab some iron-on name labels which will not only withstand the wear and tear of the washing machine, but also the wear and tear of your kids! These Australian name labels are perfect to boomerang the kids clothes and personal belongings right back into safe hands.

Allow your belongings to easily boomerang back to you

When labels are placed onto our belongings (whether the kid’s or the families), rest assured they will return to you quicker than if they didn’t have personalised name labels on them. There are typically two types of Australian name labels to buy – iron-on name labels or sticky adhesive, waterproof labels. Both are great for retrieving lost property or even preventing them from being taken or becoming lost in the first place. Most sticky, adhesive labels, as well as being waterproof and dishwasher safe, also won’t leave a sticky mess when peeled off. This is great if the kids get curious, bored, or for whatever try to peel them off.

No diving into lost property bins after school

Kids name labels should also prevent any trips to the lost property collection bin at school. Just imagine when you have had a long day at work, and all you want to do is pick up your kids from school and drive home. Well, imagine no more! Grab some personalised name labels, either iron-on name labels, sticky name labels, or both. Rather than the teacher throwing your kid’s lost property in the collection bin, you can throw your worries there instead! It is definitely a great peace of mind to know that there is a way to safeguard your kids' belongings from going missing. Just think of the money you will save from avoiding repeat purchases too!

Teaches your kids to be organized

Rather than just throwing their belongings all over the house, give your kids a sense of responsibility by placing kids name labels on their belongings. Better yet, get the kids to do this themselves. Even at a young age, they will understand the importance of not losing their favourite belongings easily. A lesson can be learned at school too. Mummy and Daddy won’t often get upset or mad if their school items are kept with them and come home after school every day. There is an assortment of Australian name labels with a whole range of different designs to suit boys and girls and everyone in between.

You can even apply labels to the family’s belongings too. Simply by using personalised name labels (whether iron-on for clothing or sticky adhesive labels for dishwasher safe items), Mum can label her favourite dress with a small name tag just like Dad might want to use a small name tag to label his suit wear. Dishwasher safe Tupperware for camping, picnics or other family outings can also really benefit from being name tagged and not lost