The Latest Kid's Trends

The Latest Kid's Trends

BoscoBear prides itself on keeping up with the ever-changing trends that are appealing to kids of all ages. This year has seen a strong focus on bright and vibrant colours, adding some much-needed life and energy during tough times. BoscoBear's removable room art and wall decals meet this growing trend and provide a cost-effective option when decorating your child's bedroom or play areas.

The Multicoloured Butterfly kit is one wall decal that has proved to be extremely popular of late. The butterflies come in a range of shapes and sizes and are a fantastic, low-cost option for bringing some life to your child's living areas.

Similarly, the strong focus on sustainable environmental practices has seen the traditional wallpaper be replaced by more environmentally friendly wall art designs. BoscoBear's removable room art are one of these alternate designs, as they can be removed and reused, whilst having minimal impact on the environment. Particularly popular has been the Under the Sea kit, with the various mermaid and sea creature designs bringing any child's imagination to life.

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The BoscoBear Team