Things to Do While Staying at Home During Holiday Season

Things to Do While Staying at Home During Holiday Season

As Christmas and the holiday season rapidly approaches in Oz, there is so much to do and organise! With summer right on the doorstep too, there will be plenty of days of play and enjoyment outside. But what about the days when you are stuck at home with the kids? We think there is no better time than this to tackle your Christmas prep list whilst also enjoying some fun holiday activities!

Don’t forget, the kids will also want to organise their elf on the shelf for its festive duties before Christmas Day. So, ensure to pick up some elf accessories and clothes to jazz up the little guy or girl for the festive season ahead.

Browse below to get some serious inspiration for keeping the kids occupied this coming holiday season, and you are on top of your Christmas prep.

Online Christmas shopping day with the kids 

We thought we would slide this one in first. You will of course need to make a decent purchase before you begin creating, decorating, and enjoying the holiday season. We also think this is your perfect opportunity to hit up some online stores for all your Christmas needs.

Let the kids join in and have their say as to what would be a cool idea on how to decorate. Depending on how old your kids are they may have some really cute or trendy ideas. For example, any child these days will want to make sure that their little Australian elf on the shelf is the most dazzling it can be. So, sit down with your kids in front of the computer and see exactly what kind of elf clothes and accessories there are available. As this craze continues to grow, kids will want to add to their very own Santa’s little helper before Christmas Day.    

Don’t forget to also buy some name labels which you can find in many Australian online stores. These will be super useful for labelling presents for Christmas morning, creating place names at the lunch or dinner table or even using them for baking goods.

Baking and Christmas cooking sessions with the kids 

Everyone knows Masterchef right!? Well, how about hosting your own version of the TV show in the kitchen? Get baking, roasting and cooking up a storm with your kids. They will love to see what effort goes into making a delightfully delicious Christmas. Better yet joining in will be so much more fun!

All kids love, love, love Christmas cheer, and this is just one way to get them into it. Think reindeer and Santa face cookies, festive desserts or roast vegetables prepared in the shape of a snowman. Even try and get the kids to help you with Christmas dinner or lunch meal preparations. Don’t forget to grab some name labels from an Australian online retailer and mark up your kids’ cooking creations. For example, when your cookies are done baking and cooled off, wrap them in some clear plastic and use name labels to signal who has made them. Your kids will feel so proud that they too can be part of giving at Christmas time.

Creative decoration ideas

Try and add a more personal touch to your Christmas decorating ideas this year. Set up an arts and crafts session inside the house and let your kids’ imaginations run wild and free.

Using safety scissors, coloured paper, sticky tape, glue, water-based paints (you name it!) the kids can have their very own Christmas themed art class during the holiday season. Here are some ideas to get you started if you are stuck on what to make:

  • Paper plate Christmas trees

  • Christmas tree paper laminated ornaments

  • Paddle pop stick Christmas characters

  • 3D Origami Christmas-themed fortune teller (pick a colour/pick a number)

  • Christmas themed paper chain (use Santa instead of boys and girls)

  • Cellophane stained glassed window nativity scene

Of course, the kids will usually have their own ideas of what to make and might not want to make a happy little snowman or elf this time round. That’s fine! Just remind them they can make their own Christmas creations next time you pull out the art supplies.

Oh…and as any good parent will want to do, don’t forget to label and date their little masterpieces! There are so many good online retailers that sell name labels in Australia to properly label your kids designs. So let the internet be your friend here.

Create your own holiday-at-home Vlog or family sitcom

This is one of our personal favourite activities to do whilst stuck inside during the holidays and it doesn’t cost a cent! Honestly, you’ll make the best and funniest of memories, all caught on tape.  

So, how can you do this? Well, everyone has a smartphone these days, right? Then how about putting it to some good use this holiday season? Create a holiday-at-home Vlog or even a personal family sitcom that is as unique as each other. Simply whip out your mobile phone and become the cameraman (or woman) for your own home-life escapades. Script it or don’t script it – it’s up to you, but there’s one thing for sure. Everyone should get a good kick out of watching back at their ‘best’ attempts to act out their favourite movie lines or made-up ones. There is so many different video-editing software too. So, it may be worth googling beforehand to find out the best form of software or app to use. Then simply watch through your phone, tablet or computer at the family funnies!

Compete in a board games night/afternoon

All-aboard! It’s time to put down those tablets and phones and dust off Mum and Dad’s old board games. Holidays should be a time for family and what better way to introduce the youngsters to the classic way of having fun indoors. Think Monopoly, Family Feud or just a simple card game like Go Fish! Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s age-appropriate and not too difficult for your kids to pick up. There are so many great and fun-filled board and card games sold around Australia, and what better excuse to get your kids’ screen time down. Get your kids to show their competitive sides and keep score to see who the grand holiday champion is.

Just make sure the elf on the shelf is watching over your kids to see if they’re being fair and not cheating!