Tips in Personalising Your Christmas Gift Wrapping this Festive Season

Tips in Personalising Your Christmas Gift Wrapping this Festive Season

Add a bit more thought and colour in wrapping your Christmas gifts for your loved ones. This will make all the difference! You can try many ways to experiment. From stamps, stencilled designs to fresh greenery, you can use these to spruce up an otherwise plain gift wrapping. 

Don’t forget to include different kinds of labels for your Christmas gift wrapping. Just to make sure your gifts don’t get mixed up. Christmas themed labels and sticky name labels really do the trick of making gifts look more personalised.

Here a few great ideas for personalising your Christmas gift wrapping this Christmas

Stencilled designs 

Stencilling in designs on your wrapping paper is one way of customizing it. A great way to get stencilled designs onto your Christmas paper this gift-giving season is to use butchers paper. You can get butchers paper at a meat deli or your local supermarket. This acts as a blank canvas to then put your Christmas stencils onto. From here just paint on your designs with acrylic craft paint and voila! You will be able to create some real festive cheer for your wrapping paper.

Layered gift wrap

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Layered gift-wrapping or ‘topping’ is a very cool and effective way to decorate your presents. The idea is to simply layer additional designs like ribbons, beads or papercrafts on top of your wrapping paper whether purchased or made yourself. This is simple but effective in making your Christmas gifts look very presentable and festive this year.

Sticky name labels

Who could forget the traditional sticky name label when it comes to identifying whose presents are whose. Label your presents this Christmas with personalised name labels whilst adding a little colour, Christmas cheer and creativity. You can check out some of our Christmas themed labels where you can find different designs to choose from. Great for that extra touch of festivity. You can even buy waterproof name labels just in case.

Christmas themed Stickers

Most Christmas themed stickers are usually saved for decoration around the home. But don’t stop there! They also double as a great decorative piece for your Christmas presents. This is a great new and fresh idea for creating that extra bit of festive spirit when gift-giving. So, what are you waiting for - get ‘stuck’ in!

Use greenery and garland for a natural touch

Christmas garlands and greenery doesn’t just have to be used with the tree and Christmas wreath this year. You can also use garland and pine tree bristles to decorate your Christmas presents for a bit of a rustic feel. You could even go bigger and get the feel of a white Christmas by spraying your garland and greenery with some white spray paint. This will make for a great snow-like effect. Just a little bit makes all the difference. 

Stamped designs 

Another fantastic idea to decorate Christmas wrapping is to use stamps. Using a woodblock stamp ( purchased from most stationery shops) you can create some really cool Christmassy patterns. Again use blank paper or butchers paper which will also act as a great plain canvas for your crafty designs.

Christmas styled origami 

This one can take a bit of time. However, once created and placed onto Christmas wrapping paper, origami can be a very effective touch to any Christmas gift. Look into some Christmas origami designs, practice your paper folding and then very carefully glue them onto your presents. Add a bit of an oriental touch to Christmas this year whilst still maintaining that festive spirit.

Family and friends photo designs

A great way to personalise your Christmas wrapping is to scour through your Facebook, Instagram or family photos. Once you have found some good ones, get them printed. Then simply apply them on the gift. Use them as a card or a name tag. Just make sure to place them on top of your presents so they don’t get misshapen or bent. This is a particularly great idea for sending presents to distant family. Let them know exactly how your family is doing and looking.

Create your own fabric bows

Fabric bows make a great addition to any wrapped present. Not only do they look great, but fabric bows are also very easy to make. Much better than the typical bow you might buy at a newsagent or gift shop, fabric bows can be made from any material. So, get experimental. To make these beautiful creations, just get some leftover fabric material from your old clothes, curtains or even table-cloths. Tuck in a few sprigs of garland and add some pinecone pieces to add more style and festivity.

Potato stamp designs with the kids

The kids LOVE Christmas, right? So, why not get them involved this year and have them help design the family’s Christmas gift wrapping. It’s safe and easy. Just make sure that you do all the potato cutting in the kitchen before-hand. Once you have cut the potatoes into Christmas shaped designs, take the kids outside and give them a bit of wrapping paper. They can then choose their favourite colours and print and press on a piece of wrapping paper. This is a great way to get the kids into the festive spirit of Christmas and also design their very own Christmas wrapping.

Opt for non-traditional Christmas colours

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Too many times e fall back on those traditional reds and greens when wrapping our presents. You’re here for new and fresh ideas, right? Well, this is your time to break that tradition. This Christmas think blues, pinks and maybe even that sprinkle of gold and silver for your wrapping paper. Get a colour wheel out and choose your favourite (alternate) Christmas colours. Take it from us. They will look just as good – if not even better than your traditional red and green wrapping paper.