Unique Children’s Playhouses, Tee Pee and Tents

Unique Children’s Playhouses, Tee Pee and Tents

Kids have always been a creative bunch. Since forever, they have been using their imaginations to make all sorts of hiding places around the house. Usually in effort to hide away from the ‘big’ adults. When it comes to indoor play, kids often find just about anything around the house to use as their fort or cubby. So, why not feed their creativity and curiosity with play tents. 

There are so many different types of kids play tents, tee pees’ and play castles that can all be used to make a treasured hiding place for your kids. Found online, these play tents are so much fun, look great and won’t break the bank!

Ice Cream Truck Play Tent 

Ring-ding, ding-dong! It’s that famous ice cream truck the kids love to hear rolling down the street. Rain, hail or shine, take this ice cream truck play tent indoors (or even outdoors on the grass during summer) and watch the kids have a really ‘sweet’ time. In the tradition of ice cream vans the world over, the kids will jump for joy serving ice cream, being the customer or just being part of the great times, this stylized play tent offers. Surely a fan favourite with all the kids, this big pink truck will provide hours of play and fun for all involved. 

Kids Tee Pee Play Tent 

Cowboys and Indians may be something of American folklore, but even Aussie kids can enjoy recreating history with a kids’ tee pee play tent. Designed with traditional American Indian imagery on the outside, this tee pee style tent provides the kids with yet another place to let their imaginations run wild. This tee pee play tent is made from high quality cloth and a rolling door to fold back and let the little ones enter and exit whenever they please. But Indians! A word of warning! Watch out for those nasty cowboys who might try and capture your tee pee tent for themselves. 

Princess Castle Kids Play Tent

Bring out the inner Rapunzel in your daughter with this princess castle play tent. Let her get whisked away into an old-fashioned fantasy world of dungeons and dragons, and of course the possibility of meeting prince charming. Being quite a spacious kids’ play tent, your kids can play to their hearts content inside the tent and welcome visitors too. This particular play tent has a bright pink colour. It comes with a large door to clamber in and out of and a large pink flap that can be drawn across the door for privacy. There are also two large windows for the princess to look out at the village from.

Fire Rescue Truck Play Tent

Bee-baa! Bee-baa! Is that the fire brigade again? Or is it just the kids having a fantastic time enjoying their fire rescue truck play tent? A real hit with all the girls and boys is this very inventive and real-life looking fire engine play tent. Coming in traditional fire engine red, this play tent is unmistakably shaped just like a fire truck. With a zip-up front door, fire equipment imagery on the side and even a sunroof, the kids have got everything they need to become the hero of the day. So, gather the brigade together and let the kids roam the hallways, dousing flames and saving lives!

Foldable Sky Tents/Indoor Bed Nets

If the kids can’t sleep amongst the stars, why not give them the next best thing? With a foldable sky tent or indoor bed net, you can! Hanging just like an awning over their pillows, these sky tents and bed nets act as the perfect substitute for sleeping under the real sky at night, only indoors. Maybe your kids have been camping before and have been amazed by the bright starry sky at night? They may not see a real shooting star this time, but these sky tents and indoor bed nets are perfect in recreating the magic of the universe outside. So, make bedtime fun and let your kid’s imagination explore throughout the night. Sweet dreams everyone!

Kids Mushroom Play Tent

Bring the outdoors in with this cool and funky looking kids’ mushroom play tent. Somewhat reminiscent of the classic Smurfs toadstool homes, the kids will love living and playing inside of a giant mushroom. I mean where else would they rather be right?! This play tent is also particularly durable. The roof is structured from lightweight foldable poles that make it easy to assemble and take down too. So, let the little ones set their imaginations alight and see what kind of great adventures they can come up with inside of a giant toadstool.