Wall Decals

Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Wall Graphics, Wall Décor or Removable Room Art – whatever you call it, it is an art form that is brightening children’s bedrooms and nurseries throughout Australia. Wall Decals are a great way to add some life into a nursery/bedroom without the need to spend hours painting, decorating, or removing when you have finished with the design. So how do wall decals/removable room art work?

BoscoBear has in each of the Baby Bosco Range, full-colour designs, large character sizes and detailed illustrative graphics. They are positioned on A3 sheets and have backing. To apply, you remove the backing from the sheet (most of the characters adhesive; however, some characters require extra care due to the intricacies of the illustration). Place the character on the wall, if required, a spray bottle of water sprayed on the wall and then apply the character. The water will allow you to position and move the character without tearing or partly setting the character in the wrong position. Once you are happy with your placement, use a clean cloth to wipe excess water off the character. Do with care as you could move the character, a patting effect to remove the water might be the best method to do so. Allow the character to set (24 hours is a good gauge to let the character set). Should you experience any air bubbles, work from the centre outwards to the edges, the bubbles should dissipate. If the character lifts on the edges (this is rare) gently smooth the character back to the wall.

What happens if you change your mind or decide its time to update your theme? How do you take off the Removable Room Art characters? Removing them is easy! Start from the edges (a fingernail should do it) and lift the character carefully. Should you need a little help, water and/or a hair dryer (on low heat) can help. The characters will come off without removing any paint, leaving any residue, or taking any of the wall with you. If you have kept your backing sheets you can place the wall graphics/removable room art on the sheets ready to be used again. Easy! For further help or any questions relating to the BoscoBear Removable Room Art product range, please contact BoscoBear at boscobear@iisgroup.com.au or call 1300 267 262.