What can you do with a giant 1.5-meter giraffe?

Plenty! Following our successful pregnancy and babies expo, we had a fantastic request from a customer to make a 1.5-meter giraffe? She loved the giraffe in our BoscoBear Removable Room Art Kit - Jungle Fever range so much that she requested it for her daughter's bedroom. Our creative team set to the task straight away. The result? Well, one very happy customer, one very happy design team, and a new product for others to enjoy! Should you like to add a 1.5-meter giraffe in your room, look under removable room art on our website to have a look at the giraffe (we have thrown in a .5 meter giraffe in the kit as well so that mother giraffe would not get lonely!)

If there is anything else that you would like us to look at for you - we do custom wall graphic designs all the time in the removable room art category, please contact us on 1300 267 262 or email us at boscobear@iisgroup.com.au.