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  • Welcome to BoscoBear’s Fundraiser Crusader program

    Send your fundraising efforts sky high with our fundraising program. Whether you are a community group, a school or a buyer looking to support your fundraising effort, everyone benefits with BoscoBear’s Fundraiser Crusader program.
  • Fundraising with the BoscoBear Fundraiser Crusader program

    Is your group in need of some new sporting equipment, new computers or looking at a specific project? Why not suggest BoscoBear’s Fundraiser Crusader to your PTA or organising committee?

    BoscoBear Fundraiser Crusader is one of the best revenue generating fundraising programs available in Australia, and with lots of additional benefits, it is a fun and practical way to send your fundraising efforts sky high.

    A fundraising program that is so easy to use. Easy to implement and easy to achieve results.

    BoscoBear offers a discounted name and clothing labels offering for you to sell.  BoscoBear will contribute 50% of every online label sale to your Fundraiser Crusaders program. There are very few fundraising programs that reward the buyer for supporting their groups fundraising effort.

    BoscoBear’s label range is huge. There are 100’s of designs to choose from. New designs are being added continuously.

    So if you are looking for a program that is not sugar loaded, has a great product range and rewards supporters as well as the group, it is hard to go past BoscoBear’s Fundraiser Crusader. Contact us today!

  • Send your fundraising efforts sky high with a Fundraiser Crusader program

    BoscoBear’s Fundraiser Crusader program is a popular way for Australian schools and community groups to fundraise. Feedback from our fundraisers is that it is a really easy program to implement and manage.

    Combining fabulous designs, quality Australian made products, a program that recognises the buy as well as the group, our Fundraiser Crusader works!

    Our program is free to join and remains active as long as you wish to be involved.

    - No late nights... we post your fundraiser sales direct to your buyers, removing any need for your team to dispatch orders.

    - No loose coins in envelopes...we handle the payments online.

    - No reconciliation headaches...we reconcile the account and send you a quarterly statement and quarterly earnings.

    - No baffling questions...we manage product specific questions through our customer service channels.

    Fundraising for results with a healthy fundraising percentage

BoscoBear Fundraiser Crusader apportions 50% of every sale to your fundraising program
  • Getting Started

    Applying for BoscoBears Fundraiser Crusader program is simple. In no time you will be up and running and reaping the rewards!

    Here’s how

    Step One: 

    Download and complete the application form.

    Step Two:

    Email, fax or post your completed application back to us.

    Step Three:

    Once your application has been confirmed and processed, BoscoBear’s fundraising coordinator will provide you with your group’s unique code.

    Step Four: 

    Start spreading the word! Promote the code, details and benefits of the Fundraiser Crusader program.

    Step Five:                           

    Each quarter BoscoBear will send you a sales activity report, pay your fundraising contribution earned during that quarter.


    Download Application

  • Maximise your fundraising efforts with a BoscoBear promotional email and web banners

    Email launch: Should you have an email database, you may consider sending a Fundraiser Crusader Program launch email to your members. Our team can assist. Using our email-marketing partner eNewsletteronline we will organise an email send. Please note: send fees and conditions do apply. Ask our fundraising coordinator for more information.

    Web Banners: We also offer electronic marketing support with static web banners for electronic newsletters and websites (pixel size available; 300x250, 728x90, 200x120 and 950x200). These static files include your group name, unique code and a link to the labels builder to help get everyone started quickly.