About Us


 BoscoBear is proudly Australian owned by a team of enthusiastic and creative people.  

We have been helping mums and dads since early 2006 and during that time have had a lot of fun designing characters to personalise the imagination of children’s bedrooms and play areas everywhere.  

Labels are our speciality.  We help make sure things don’t get lost with our range of labels for school, day care and kindergarten! Whatever the design, whatever the colour we have some cute (and crazy) label creations.

We make learning fun and even help keep the families organised.  Our blackboard organisers, alphabet wall decals, height chart designs, names and letter wall stickers. 

Practical doesn’t have to be boring.  Check out our summer range of swim bags, float suits, hats, rashies and towelling robes, there are even sizes for big people!  Our toys, puzzles and dress ups are both fun and safe for play indoors and outdoors.

Big kids don’t miss out either.  We have a whole section of designs and styles for older members of the family.  Our wall murals, quotes and giant animals make bedrooms super cool.

From dinosaurs to butterflies, jungle characters to owls and enchanting trees, pirates to princesses our BoscoBear range is jam packed full of bright, colourful characters and stories that are sure to please. There are over 2000 designs and products in our range and we are adding to this all the time with new products, new creatons and new collections!

Our inspiration

BoscoBear draws its inspiration from our own families...

In our BoscoBear family there are toddlers, primary schoolers, tweens, twins, (even quins), newborns, nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, grannies, grandpas, pops, nonnas and of course mums and dads.  

BoscoBear has also been fortunate to partner with three leading Australian hospitals; Westmead Children's Hospital Sydney, Sydney Royal Children's - Randwick and Adelaide Women's and Children. The children, their families, fun therapists, nurses and hospital staff have been important contributors to our journey!

We also love drawing inspiration from our BoscoBear facebookers, our mums on the phone, our fundraisers and our emailers. Anyone who says 'what about this as an idea? is welcome at BoscoBear .

That is why if you have something that you would love to see as a product or on our products, then contact us... boscobear@iisgroup.com.au