11 DIY Autumn Activities Your Kids Will Love

11 DIY Autumn Activities Your Kids Will Love

Autumn is in the air! Colours are changing outside and the kids will once again be back home for Easter break. There are so many things you can do to keep them busy. You don’t have to put your thinking caps on as we have sorted out everything for you. Whether they want to play in the backyard or cosy up inside and be creative, we’ve got you covered. So plunge into Autumn this year knowing your kids will have something fun to do besides being glued to their screens. 

1. Autumn leaf art 

You don’t even need to leave the house for this one! Especially if you have a garden with trees in your front or back yard. With the rapid changes in colour of leaves falling from the trees in autumn, this makes for great art. Let the kids hunt for their favourite leaves and colours and collect them in a small container. Just be careful and make sure the kids won’t crush their leaves or their artwork will be ruined.

Once collected, Mums can carefully stick the leaves in a blank butchers paper. Then bring out the paints and let the kids decide on their favourite colours to paint around their leaves.

Another great idea is to label each of the kids’ artwork (once finished) with sticky name labels. Write the date too to keep these Autumn memories. 

2. Create an Easter sticker collage on the wall

Celebrating Easter is all part of enjoying Autumn in Australia. So when Easter does come around, use it to your advantage to entertain and educate the kids. Help them to make a special easter wall collage in their rooms by buying some wall stickers for kids. You can do this by purchasing shape name labels online. There are many different styles and themes to choose from if you just have a good look. The kids will love to choose them out and arrange them on their bedroom walls.

The kids probably already know about the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. Using these kinds of stickers will be a great way to stylise their rooms in time for Easter and Autumn. What they might not know about is the story of Easter and Jesus. So use this time to also teach them about the true meaning of Easter.

3. Redecorate the kids’ bedrooms 

In spring, we might take time out to do spring cleaning. While In Autumn, why not let the kids take some time out to spend redecorating their rooms. Using blackboard wall stickers, cork boards (for art or photo displays) or posters will give their rooms a personal touch. 

The best thing about using blackboard wall stickers is that they can be written on and wiped off easily. This is a great way to see how the kids can use their imagination to give their room its very own character. If it’s rainy outside, there’s even more reason to stay inside and decorate.

4. Autumnal photoshoot 

You don’t need to stay inside all-day long this Autumn just because the weather might be getting colder. Venture outdoors to your front or back garden and enjoy an autumnal photo shoot with the kids. It’s a good way to teach them about photography, nature, and the Flora and Fauna around your home. Show the little ones how to use a camera and let them look over the photos they’ve taken. 

You can even print the photos from home and pin them to a cork board in the kids’ bedrooms. They will surely love looking at their very own autumn photos before they go to bed. 

5. Backyard Kids’ Olympics

Get the kids active this Autumn and put on a Backyard Kids’ Olympics. Think of games that don't require too much space. This could be hula hoop spinning, speed hop-scotch (see who's the fastest), or laundry hamper basketball. Additionally, keep a leader board at the end of each event. You can use name labels to keep track of who’s on top after each round! 

This is one of the best ideas we think you and your kids can enjoy together. It also lets them bring out their competitive spirit and gives them some valuable exercise.

6. Pavement chalk drawings 

The kids’ can do this in the back yard or front yard, just as long as there is enough space and pavement to draw with chalk. Chalk packs are cheap and it also won’t break the bank when your kids are feeling imaginative. Since it’s autumn try and get them to draw their best picture of the trees in the backyard or the leaves falling on the ground. Reconnect with your inner child and join in - it may give the kids more inspiration if they don’t know what to draw.

7. Indoor board game tournament 

Get the kids away from TV and video games this Autumn. Rather than spending game time in front of screens, let them explore the fun of board games. For much less than the price of a video game, you can buy a board game or two at the local department store or mall. Get your kids to come with you and help choose what they would like to play. They will love to get the best of their siblings and beat them in a classic game of cards or Twister.

Better yet create a tournament and keep a leader board with sticky name labels or personalised name labels. If you want, design these labels prior to your tournament. They are easily designed online and it’s yet another thing you can do with the kids over Autumn.

8. Make Easter themed origami 

Depending on the ages of your kids, another great and fun DIY activity this Autumn is origami. Origami can be tricky to make for most kids, however, it will be a fantastic challenge for them. And if they do happen to really get the hang of it, time them and see who is the quickest.

Since Easter also falls during Autumn in Australia, you can search online for easter-themed origami. Try making an easter bunny or bilby or if it really is too hard for the kids, just cut out some Easter egg shapes from different coloured paper. Then get out some paints and decorate their eggs for some quality at-home art fun!

9. At-home disco

An at-home disco is a true crowd pleaser for all the kids and parents at home. Watch your kids dance up a storm and wiggle and waggle around the room to their favourite songs. You can even join in too which will really delight the kids.

Dancing is also a great way for the kids to get some extra exercise if they aren’t leaving the house too much this Autumn. If you have a nice big TV, you can also use this to show music videos for the disco. Even try and print out the lyrics for the songs (if your kids are old enough to read) and award small prizes (candy or toy) for the most beautiful, crazy, and funky dancers.

10. Bake some autumn themed snacks

From your photoshoot, grab some ideas of what you want to bake. It’s a great way to at least start the ideas ball rolling. You could make leaf-shaped cookies or just use autumn colours for any food colouring you might decide to add to your baking.

Try and be creative. For example, there are so many different ways to make an Autumn themed tree or small animals that you’ve captured in your photoshoots. Even if you want to make things more ‘Aussie’, carve some basic Australian animals out of your cookie dough. You could make possums, koalas, or kangaroos. Just ask the kids what they want to make.

11. Kids Scavenger Hunt

Easter egg hunts don’t have to be all the craze during autumn. Why not get the kids involved in a backyard scavenger hunt. It can be like a treasure hunt if you like. Make a list of things to find and let the kids roam free in the garden to seek out what they can discover. Try hiding things that are autumn themed like a pine cone, a yellow leaf, or a large feather. Make it really interesting by hiding some small change for the lucky ones who find it.