New BoscoBear Kimono Doll - Geisha Doll Kit

Hot off the press, BoscoBear's Geisha Dolls or Kimono Doll Wall Stickers as we like to call them. A great wall stencil kit for girls of all ages, the BoscoBear wall stickers are a hit. Available in 3 colour combinations - reds & pinks, pastel, and multi colours - our Geisha Dolls are a sure-fire hit to personalise any room.

The wall decal kit contains eleven equally size dolls wrapped in their kimonos with accompanying coloured fans. They really are beautiful. If you like exploring cultures of the world, or would like to introduce some oriental theming into your child decorating then this is a great kids room sticker kit.

Other related kits you might like are our Russian Dolls and Butterflies (available in a huge range of wall sticker colour combinations). Find out more by visiting our website, calling us at 1300 267 262, or sending us an email at

BoscoBear and the BoscoBear Team