Natural Attractions You Must Visit in Australia during Autumn

Natural Attractions You Must Visit in Australia during Autumn

With autumn in Australia nearing its end, it’s time to get out and enjoy some outdoor activities and attractions with the whole family. There’s plenty to see and do Australia-wide and there are some places that really stand out during the autumn months. So get the kids away from their screens at home and let them enjoy a more natural setting outside.

From hiking trails to national parks, there really are some must-see natural attractions in this wonderful country of ours. Some ways to enjoy the outdoors are by going on picnics or camping. If you're planning to go with friends, don’t forget to bring medication as well as name labels which you can purchase from anywhere in Australia. This will ensure any of the kids with allergies are safe from any nasties they can’t eat or drink.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

One of the most popular and picturesque places to visit in SA during autumn is the Adelaide Hills. Abundant in rich fall colours of reds, yellows, and browns, this south-easterly region is only minutes away by car from the city of Adelaide. Here, you’ll find a number of countryside towns such as Stirling, Mt. Barker, and the ever-popular German town of Hahndorf that have glorious autumn views.

Every part of the Adelaide Hills offers great spots for weekend coffee and pub fare, as well as quaint shops that you won’t find anywhere else in Adelaide. As for the kids, there is an abundance of parks and sports fields to utilise for play and other recreational activities. You can even have a picnic to replenish lost energy.

Just remember--if you are going with friends and other families, it’s worth bringing along some personalised lunch box name stickers for the kids’ food and drinks. This will allow you to separate meals properly if any of the kids have allergies.

Yarra Valley, Victoria

Yet another fantastic autumn destination for the whole family is the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Better known to most as a popular wine region, there are also activities and natural attractions that will get the kids wanting to come along too. For example, you can soar high above the autumn colours of the Yarra Valley in a hot air balloon. This very unique experience will let the kids see something they never would by staying at home.

With the amazing sunsets and striking colour of the autumn landscape, you can help the kids develop a sense of wonder and connect to nature. Too many children today are fixated on their computers and phones, so take the opportunity this autumn season to showcase how amazing the great outdoors can be. Teach them about the yearly changing seasons and anything else you might come across in the Yarra Valley’s natural surroundings.


Australia’s only island state offers some amazing autumn attractions. If you’re lucky enough to get down to Tasmania, check out Ross or the Derwent Valley which aren’t all that far away. An old-style 19th-century town built in cobblestone, Ross exudes charm and character. You can even try taking the kids down to the town’s main river and show them how people in the old days used to fish for a living. Don’t forget that if any of the little ones are allergic to fish, bring along separate snack boxes and drink bottles for them to make sure no one eats what they’re not meant to.

The Derwent Valley is also a fantastic region to visit with the whole family this autumn. It’s a natural playground full of wonders like waterfalls, wildlife, and even wombats. The kids can even enjoy some active leisure at Maydena Bike Park. This region of Tasmania is teeming with natural wonders, so get the little ones educated on the great outdoors on your visit.

Armidale, New South Wales

Located in the Northern Tablelands of NSW, around six hours’ drive from Sydney, Armidale is a regional city surrounded by natural wonders and ablaze with colour during autumn. Whilst the trip might be far, once here, there are many natural attractions to explore. Try visiting Wollomombi Falls, Australia’s second highest waterfall. Venture to the World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforests which stretch through four national parks.

There are also plenty of chances to involve the kids in outdoor activities they may have never experienced before. Take them kayaking, fishing, or mountain biking and show them how much fun can be had amongst nature. Wherever you choose to go, make sure you pack plenty of food and drink and take rest stops along the way. The kids will need it.

You might want to prepare some iron on allergy clothing labels for the kids’ outfits before trekking with other families. This will ensure that everyone knows what the kids can and can’t snack on. Personalised name stickers can also be used as clothes identifier for when the kids get hot and bothered and decide to take off their jumpers.

Southwest region, Western Australia

Aside from the capital city of Perth, you can also travel to the southwest region of WA this autumn. The region caters to both adults and children in many ways. In particular, the towns of Augusta, Margaret River, and Dunsborough provide many natural attractions for the whole family.

Indulge in some cave exploration at Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge in the Margaret River region. Get the kids’ hiking boots on and show them the coastal trails around Dunsborough, or just enjoy a traditional camping experience by the beach in Augusta.

Personalised name stickers and clothing labels can be very helpful if you’re travelling with allergies. Prepare for that hearty hike by attaching name labels on the little tacker’s boots so they don’t go ‘walkabouts’. Also, remember to label the kids' food containers before you set off. After all, the last thing you want on any family holiday is an unexpected medical emergency.