How to Use Name Labels for Kids to Tackle Distracted Parenting

How to Use Name Labels for Kids to Tackle Distracted Parenting

Today, with so much technological advancement in communication everyone now wants to stay connected more than ever. But it’s this need to stay connected that has parents also choosing their digital devices over their parenting responsibilities.

This is known as distracted parenting. There are several ways in which we, as parents, can learn to stop this from happening. Believe it or not, the use of name labels for kids and other personalised labels for school can help too.

Read on to find out more on how to tackle distracted parenting. Tips are also provided on how name labels for Australian kids can make a difference in and out of the home.

Prevent Accidents with Name and Personalised School Labels

If parents are distracted by modern technology, there should at least be some level of

“planning” taken to keep their child safe. This could either be by child minders (baby sitters, OSHC staff) or school staff. In this instance, personalised labels for school and name labels for kids in the home can help to monitor your children’s safety. For example, if your child has an allergy or medical condition, applying name labels and allergen labels onto their belongings can help to prevent:

  1. Mix ups between other students/kids belongings (such as drink bottles and lunch [food] items)

  2. Serious allergic reactions (being accidentally exposed to harmful foods/drinks)

  3. Medical centre/hospital admissions

  4. Child minders not having any forewarning about your child’s allergies/medical condition

This can also apply to mental health conditions which are not always apparent to the
outside observer.

Monitoring Your Children

Kids tend to have a curious and wandering mind. Thus it is important to watch them closely at all times. Especially at a young age kids can take risks which are not known to them. If you as a parent are distracted by a digital device, otherwise avoidable accidents can occur.

This could include your child falling off play equipment at the park. Or maybe your child could run into the road when cars are coming. Aside from being dangerous, there are also reasons why your child may take these risks.  

If your child isn’t given the appropriate attention they need, they will think all this risky behaviour is ok and possibly repeat it.

Problems from a lack of attention

There are a lot of behavioural problems that can result from distracted parenting. If parents are over-using their smart devices, they will miss a lot of social cues needed to properly instruct their kids.

For example, a child could be throwing sand at another and a parent whom is distracted on their mobile won’t be there to tell them off. This behaviour will then continue without being corrected. Kids need their parents’ (or minders’) attention away from home too to check if their behaviour is right or wrong.

If their parents or minders are not paying attention, kids will get the wrong idea and often repeat such bad behaviours.

Other problems that can result from a lack of attention by parents are:  

  1. Kids might not receive the praise they need

    1. May act out of line at an older age and go off the rails

  2. Might take out a lack of attention from parents on other kids

    1.  become a bully, to vent their frustration in and out of school

  3. Could develop feelings of emotional inadequacy

    1. such as separation anxiety because not enough attention was given when they needed it most as a child

  4. Could grow up and become very sensitive in life

    1. possibly even lack confidence

Costs of Distracted Parenting

Emotional repercussions aren’t the only thing that will affect children in your care. What about doctor’s bills and emergency room admission charges? What would happen after a child in your care decides to jump two metres onto the concrete ground below?

You may even find yourself responsible for other doctors’ bills. Such as when your child has pushed another off of the playground equipment and broken their leg. This is not to mention possible court fees that may also ensue. You could also think about purchasing personalised labels for school to stick onto your child’s lunchbox and drink bottle.

Additionally there are other intangible costs that you as a parent might ‘incur’ too. This is the cost of missing out. Just imagine if you were on your phone texting. Then suddenly your only son or daughter just made a catch to win for their sports team.

Here is just one example. However, there might also be many other childhood memories that you miss which your child would love to share with you.