5 DIY Projects for your Kids' Bedroom this Winter

5 DIY Projects for your Kids' Bedroom this Winter

With winter setting in Australia, we naturally find ourselves staying indoors more. Trying to keep snuggly and warm at home and finding ways to cure those winter blues. But what if your kids just don’t want to relax? How will you keep them occupied if it’s too cold and wet to go outside? Here are 5 DIY Projects for your kids’ bedroom this winter. From decorating their digs with Australian name labels and stickers to totally transforming their room into a winter wonderland. DIY ideas that you will surely enjoy doing with your kids especially in one of your favourite rooms at home. 

Creative, Artsy, Fancy Personalized Wall Art

There is no better way to personalise your kids’ room than getting them to create their own décor and displays. No matter their age, get your kids to do the DIY work themselves. Using winter colours like white, silver and blue, your kids can produce their own winter themed artworks. Get out all non-toxic crayons, paints, textas, and anything else you can use on a canvas that will bring their room to life. Who wouldn’t welcome an in-house art session when the weather outside is bleak and cold?

To make it more gratifying for your kids, you might also like to place personalised name stickers underneath your kids’ artwork. This will create a more professional look and feel for the little masterpieces hanging around the room. These can be kept as cherished mementos of your kids’ childhood gone by once winter has ended.

Winter Wonderland Inspired Bedroom Transformation!

Kids love exploring. When the long weekends and winter holidays hit, take this chance to transform their room completely. Create a ‘winter wonderland’ theme inside their bedroom. There is much you can do especially in a DIY sense. Think:

  • Hang fairy lights around the windows of your kid's bedroom for a twinkling effect

  • Dust off the Christmas tree and use it as a winter pine. Decorate it with snow and pinecones from outside.

  • Create cardboard cut-out shapes associated with winter – clouds, umbrellas, snowmen etc. Get the kids involved and paint the appropriate colours once cut out, then apply to bedroom walls.

  • Buy some cheap night light bulbs to create a wintery night sky or a warm wintery glow – hardware stores and light shops will have cheap light bulbs of all different colours and brightness that won’t break the bank.

  • Use some transparent snowflake window stickers – there are many online shops that offer these kinds of designs, even as kids school labels.

Setting up a winter-themed escape in your child’s bedroom will take a bit of time. You as parents may see this as somewhat of a challenge – but a cool and fun one at that. Especially when you see the smiles on your child’s face, it will be all the reward you need for all your efforts.

Creative Winter Sticker Collage

This is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to decorate and transform your kids’ bedroom into the world of winter!

Create a sticker collage all over the room – even on the windows! Whether your little boy wants to stick snowmen all over his bed frame or your little girl wants to design the window next to her bed with snowflakes and princesses, it’s all doable! If you shop around online, you can find a huge range of wall and window decals that won’t leave a mess when it’s ready to pull them off. Being stickers, they also won’t cost a fortune and your kids can choose exactly where they want them to be stuck.

If more than one child is sleeping in the same bedroom together, you can also use some personalised name stickers to signify whose part of the room is whose.

A Truly Wooly Wintery Room

Another great and cheap DIY way to jazz up your kid’s bedroom for the winter season ahead! Get to the local op shop or just sift through some of the old woolly wears you have in the back of your closet. Once you’ve come up with what you want, start to create wall characters with a warm woollen appearance! Here are a few ideas to theme your child’s bedroom in the spirit of winter:

  • Use an old beanie for a snowman’s hat

  • Use an old jumper to put over a winter skier

  • Use old stockings to put on a winter scarecrow

  • Use old mittens and woollen gloves to place over cats and dog paws (for a really cute effect!)

Whilst you’re at it, try and pick up some iron on clothing labels. Iron on clothing labels are perfect to stitch on any other kind of fabric (not just clothes) such as material stockings and beanies. So, give your woolly wall characters a name and stitch on a ‘Simon the Snowman’ or a ‘Felicity the winter fairy’. It’s all up to you and your child’s imagination! Go wild this winter!

Bringing a Little Outside In

Who said you couldn’t bring the outside in this winter?!

Give your kids room a winter makeover with more of a natural twist. Think pinecones, soft timbers, fake snow, and leafy winter wreaths. Whilst we might not be able to have a white Christmas in Australia, the kids can still have a wintery white theme in their very own room.

Some ideas to spruce up the kid's rooms include:

  • Create a gumtree leaf wreath – add some small pine cones for extra effect

  • Bring in pieces of driftwood to add a woody, rustic feel to your kids’ bedroom

  • Make an ornamental winter tree decoration. Gather some medium-sized branches that shoot off into smaller twigs – paint over with white and dangle any winter characters and fairy lights for extra effect.

  • Create the effect of snow on any greenery you have brought in with a can of white textured spray paint.

  • Create garland from winter florals and leaves – decorate around window sills or picture

Just ensure that you aren’t bringing the wildlife outside, indoors with you. As you go hunting with the kids for things to decorate their room with, make sure you brush off any bugs, leaves and other creepy crawlies that could be hiding in what you’ve picked up. You might also want to sand down any loose driftwood etc so splinters don’t tear off in your kids hands.