BoscoBear Halloween Kids Wall Stickers

BoscoBear Halloween Kids Wall Stickers


BoscoBear Halloween Wall Stickers are perfect for decorating this Halloween. Halloween is on the 31st of October and its popularity extends well beyond the United States of America and into Europe, Asia, and Australia. BoscoBear’s Kids Wall Stickers have a great mix of characters and accessories and can be used on lots of different surfaces.

Our Kids Wall Stickers are popular with schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, daycare centres, and other popular places where children go. However, BoscoBear’s Halloween Wall Stickers are also good for home decorations, both around the front door and in rooms. Our Halloween Wall Stickers are made of removable materials that are easy to put on any surface. Whether it is a wall, a cupboard, a front door, or a window, BoscoBear’s kids wall stickers are great to theme your Halloween this year.

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Halloween Fast Facts:

Halloween dates back to Celtic rituals thousands of years ago, and has long been associated with images of witches, ghosts, devils, and hobgoblins. The United States has pioneered the Halloween festival with the first official citywide Halloween celebration in 1921. Nowadays, Halloween customs and rituals take a more fun approach, wearing disguises, masks, and other fanciful Halloween costumes. The most popular activity of Halloween is going from door to door for treats (called trick or treat) or attend or host a Halloween party.

According to the US Census, 36.1 million children trick or treated in 2006, with 1 million pounds of pumpkin on average every Halloween, to make the famous Jack-o-lanterns.

How to make a Jack-o-Lantern:

What would Halloween be without a cheerful pumpkin on the doorstep, ready to greet trick-or-treaters? Or perhaps you want a scary one, one to scare the pants (or costumes) off everyone who sees it? Well, with this guide, you can make the perfect Halloween pumpkin.


1. Pick a pumpkin. Most beginners will want to get one from the grocery store, as those are usually the pick of the litter.

2. Carve a hole by using a sharp knife. The chunk you carve out will be used as a lid. Make sure that, while carving, the knife slants inward. That way, when you put the lid back on the pumpkin, it
doesn't just fall through.

3. Take the insides out by using a scoop. Save the seeds, for you can bake them later and enjoy a delicious treat.

4. Tape your template, if you have one, where you want your design to be. If you don't have a template, draw your design in washable marker. When you have the design you want, go over it with a permanent marker.

5. Get the carving knife if you have a kit, if not, get a steak knife. Using a gentle sawing motion, and starting with one of the holes you poked, carve your pumpkin.

6. Take out the chunks.

7. Leave a candle inside the pumpkin for five minutes. After taking it out, carve a smoke hole where the black marks are.

8. Set it out on the doorstep for the world to see.


* Be patient while carving. If you try to carve too fast, you will break your knife.

* Carve the pumpkin right before Halloween so it won't shrivel. In the meantime, put petroleum jelly on it and keep it in the refrigerator.

* The more complex the design, the more impressive. However, you run the risk of breaking the pumpkin if the spaces between your cuts are too thin.