Add glorious colour to bedroom walls with BoscoBear’s Flower Power wall stickers. 

This eye-catching wall decoration comes in four superb colour combinations: pink, blue, multicoloured, and blue.

Decorate with colour using BoscoBear's flower wall stickers.

The various colour palettes chosen by our designers blend beautifully to offer decorators a pleasing mix of colour. Citrus is crisp and cool. Pink is perfectly pretty. Blue is cool and peaceful. Multicoloured wall stickers offer a blend of feel-good colours to catch the eye and sooth the soul.

Flower Power wall stickers are ideal for decorators who like to experiment with colour. These stylised flower wall stickers are brimming with colour. Have fun choosing a wall colour to tone with the wall stickers. Take inspiration from the BoscoBear wall stickers for girls bedrooms illustrations. The pink Flower Power wall stickers look good against a pink wall.


Accessories to match

The Flower Power wall stickers are easy to match with furniture, doonas, cushions, lampshades, blinds, and rugs. Blend to what you already have, or start afresh, using the wall sticker as the main decorating colour

Excellent value.

Flower Power wall stickers offer excellent value as there are 146 stickers in each kit (100 wall sticker dots and spots and 46 wall sticker stylised flowers). There are enough wall stickers for the wall, door, and furniture.

Wall stickers are easy to remove.

BoscoBear's Flower Power wall stickers are printed on easy-to-remove vinyl. Our flower wall stickers are a perfect decorative idea for children who like to chop and change. You will be surprised at just how easy Flower Power wall stickers are to remove.

Who buys BoscoBear Flower Power wall stickers?

Girls love BoscoBear's Flower Power wall stickers. Especially girls who like to decorate with blue. Flower Power is also very popular as decoration for clothing boutiques, cafes, florists, and plant retailers. 

Purchase online. 

Flower Power wall stickers can be purchased online through the BoscoBear website.

The cost is $39.95 AUD plus postage.