Think Safety First with Back-to-School Allergy Labels for Kids

Think Safety First with Back-to-School Allergy Labels for Kids

There are always so many things to prepare for when your kids’ return to school for the new year. Uniforms, lunch boxes, shoes, and textbooks may be items that are usually at the top of the list. However, there are many things you as a parent shouldn’t forget and place at the top of your list. Especially if your kids have an allergy or any type of medical condition. It is crucial to maintain their safety at all times. Allergy name labels and medic alert bracelets are just some examples of safety measures to keep your kids healthy at school.

Prevent the worst!

Ensuring that your kids have the upmost health and safety when they are growing up is paramount for you as a parent. So, it should be no different when they are at school. If your child has an allergy, some of the most effective ways to prevent an allergic reaction or medical emergency is the use of allergy name labels. These labels can very be a saviour in the school yard. They are easily recognisable by kids and teachers alike because of their bright, colourful and pictured warnings. They are also extremely easy to understand.

The simplicity of sticky allergy labels that is so effective

Most allergy labels come as stick-on adhesive sticky allergy labels. Just simply stick on to apply to your child’s lunchbox, snack pack or drink bottle and relax. Most stickers are water and spill resistant so won’t wear away too easily and ruin the allergy-safe message on the label. Think of these small messages on your child’s school containers as an extra level of insurance to prevent the worst from happening. So, rest assured it will take a solid effort if these stickers were to ever come off!

Alerting others of your child’s allergies easily

Easy to understand labels with pictures and icons of allergens make it simple even for young kids at school to understand. Whilst your child’s friends may not know what a dairy allergy is, pictures help to explain more simply.

Bright and colourful allergy name labels help younger children to understand straight away what kind of message is being portrayed. For example, the use of bright yellows and reds are typically eye-catching on some labels and can instantly capture the attention of even young children. They will look at these sticky name labels and want to know why they are there. To which your child or a teacher in charge can explain about the allergy warning. This will definitely provide you as a parent with greater peace of mind when the kids are at school.

What kind of labels do I choose?

There are a couple different kinds of allergy name label stickers to consider when deciding on what you might need for the classroom or schoolyard. For example, non-personalised name labels don’t specify a name to the allergy of your child. They are still highly effective in warning others who see your child’s lunch, snack and drink containers about your child’s allergy. However, if you are wanting a more personalised way to identify your child’s allergy to others, you might decide that personalised name labels are the better option.

Personalised name labels are designed with a space for your child’s name to be placed above the allergy they have. For example, these labels can state, “STOP! Jimmy is allergic to shellfish”. A clear warning that tells teachers and school friends what exactly your child must not consume. You may think that these personalised name labels provide a more comprehensive way of warning those in the schoolyard or classroom. The choice is yours!

The importance of ease of understanding

Having allergy labels well displayed on your kids’ lunchboxes, snack packs and drink bottles is a great way to alert others around them about what they must not consume. By having easy to read, see and understand pictures and words, this really helps teachers and other students to immediately understand what your child must not eat or drink. This could be a real lifesaver!

When your kids are sitting with their friends at play time, they may want to share food and drink. This can be concerning for you as a parent who has a child with allergies. You can’t always be there to warn others, but you can use something like a custom kids’ allergy name label to warn them. This kind of label indicates clearly, your child’s name and warnings to others the things your child must not consume. Whether your child has a peanut, shellfish, or egg allergy, there are helpful custom kids’ allergy name labels for all types of allergies. These and many other stick-on, adhesive allergy labels are a sure-safe way to assist in the management of allergy prevention when your child is at school.