Christmas wall stickers – decorating with a difference this Christmas!

Christmas wall stickers – decorating with a difference this Christmas!

Make decorating this Christmas a fun and enjoyable occasion. Rather than looking upon it as another chore, decorate with a difference this year. Sure, you can put up a Christmas tree or hang Christmas lights outside the house for all to see. This is always a nice touch, but hasn’t this all been done before? There are so many other places in your home, office, or retail space that could also use a little Christmas cheer. Think windows, doors, and glass balconies. All of these places are a part of your property and are perfect places to decorate with Christmas wall stickers.

Enjoy your Christmas decorating time!

Christmas time is a time for cheer, festivity and of course - decorating. Whilst decorating may not always be at the top of your list of things to enjoy this Christmas, it certainly can be more fun than you think. What better way to capture the Christmas spirit before the day has arrived, by decorating the whole house or office. Whether it be with your friends, kids, office colleagues or partner, take pride in how you decorate.

A few reasons to decorate with stickers

Whilst everyone else maybe decorating the traditional way this Christmas, try something new and different. Using Christmas wall stickers there are plenty of ways you can make your living or working space standout this festive period. Here are a few reasons why you might opt for sticker decorations at Christmas time:

  • You're tight on space because you live in an apartment
  • Your office space only has room for Christmas sticker art
  • You have a shop with street frontage and a window works perfectly for decorating and being seen
  • You have a glass pool fence around your pool at home
  • All Christmas wall stickers stick on and peel off with no mess!

Save on space with a compact Christmas tree

There is also another good reason why you might find sticker decorations a better option to decorate with at Christmas time. If you don’t like packing and unpacking boxes and boxes of Christmas gear, this might be the year to take a break. Instead of having your lounge taken up by a giant tree again this year, try making a tree from Christmas tree wall stickers. Not only will you not have to find and lug boxes out of the garage, but it would also save cleaning up all the tree bristles after Christmas too. Another chore averted! Additionally, the kids can build their own Christmas tree in their rooms by using Christmas tree wall stickers. Something they will take great pride in making.

Outdoor decorations did right!

On the other hand, if you find yourself lucky enough to have an outdoor entertainment area, try decorating outdoors this Christmas. It will add that extra touch of Christmas you’ve been missing in previous years. Christmas wall stickers are a great way to dress up your glass pool fence in Christmassy goodness. You can also use Merry Christmas bunting wall stickers to apply and hang after each fence post on your glass pool fence for good effect.

Another outdoor area that shouldn’t be neglected is your front door. This is very much a centrepiece to the front of your house and should invite people in with Christmas cheer. If you have small windows on your door a great decorating idea is to fill them with Christmas wreath wall stickers. Patterned properly on your front door, these wreath stickers look fabulous if stuck around a real wreath. The block Christmas wall wreath sticker pack has great wreath colours and is yet another option to decorate your front door differently this year.

Spread the Christmas cheer at your workplace

If you’re wanting that traditional decorative touch at home, there are other places you can decorate with Christmas sticker art. One of the best places to apply Christmas wall stickers to is your business or office windows. Whether you are facing the main road or the windows in your office are more for interior decoration, Christmas sticker art is the perfect decorative idea. Try sticking on some Merry Christmas bunting wall stickers that can hang high on the top arch of your office windows. These not only look great and festive but have the effect of an actual hanging Christmas banner. Easy to apply and easy to come off, cleaning up after your holidays will be a breeze!