Palatial Living has reviewed BoscoBear Christmas wall stickers.

Palatial Living is another blog selected by BoscoBear to review BoscoBear's Christmas decals.
Sarah loves 'all things for stylish living, inside & out'. Check out Sarah and her blog, Palatial Living, where she reviews thing for inside & out that inspire her as an interior and exterior designer.

Sarah loves BoscoBear Christmas wall stickers.
This is what Sarah has to say about BoscoBear wall stickers and Christmas decorating.

"Late last week I received a Christmas delivery from the lovely team at Bosco Bear! They have this colourful, cute, and needless to say stylish range of Christmas decals now available in their 2010 Christmas range. Now even though these decals can be found under their 'kids Christmas' Bosco Range - there's no reason why us 'big kids' can't have a little fun too! I have popped my Bosco Bear Christmas decals up, a Red Leafy Tree and some red & white 'Merry Christmas' bunting [will share some photos with you very shortly] and they look so whimsical, playful for all the family and of course for me - stylish - is important too! I also love their 'Christmas Quotes' if trees, wreaths, and bunting aren't for you or your home/office's style. With such a no-fuss application, these decals can be popped up onto your walls in no time at all, even the little ones can help! And the best part - your walls remain in tact once it's time to bid farewell to Christmas until another year comes rolling around!"

Marvelous Monday - Palatial Christmas Give Away!
BoscoBear has provided Sarah with BoscoBear Christmas wall stickers to share with her blog followers. Check out Palatial Living for details.

 "I am soooo very excited, it's the start of a new week & I have a very special Christmas Giveaway for a Special Palatial Living Follower, thanks to the team at BoscoBear! So I have coined today to be Marvelous Monday for a Palatial Living Christmas!'

Purchase BoscoBear Christmas wall stickers online. Enjoy creating a Christmas to remember.