School Supplies You Need For Back-To-School Shopping

School Supplies You Need For Back-To-School Shopping

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or going back for another year, there’s always a lot you’ll need to shop for. We’ve prepared a list of the basics as well as things you might not always remember to purchase. From clothing and name labels to other school necessities, prepare the kids properly for the long year ahead. Even if you think you’ve got all that you need, look over our checklist and make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

Name labels for clothes 

Name labels for clothes cannot be underestimated. These aren’t typically something you will go out of the way to buy for school. This is largely why we’ve included them on this list. If you use name labels on your kids’ school clothing, expect them to always be returned and never be found in the lost property pile. However, without these labels, you might lose those expensive sports uniforms, jumpers or who knows what else. So, do yourself a favour this year and make sure the first thing you buy before school starts are clothing name labels. Trust us, you will avoid disappointment and most importantly you will never have to buy expensive school clothing again.


Being that our kids go back to school in the summertime, whilst they do spend a lot of time in the classroom, they will also venture outside. There will be class excursions to the pool or sometimes even the beach. So, something you shouldn’t forget to purchase for the summer season at school is swimwear. This could include a hat, a towel, a pair of goggles and of course a swimsuit. So double-check that school calendar for the kids’ extra-curricular activities. If water activities are on the agenda, then be prepared to pack the right swimming gear.

Snack boxes 

Yes, this might seem an obvious one. Not exactly something you would normally forget to buy amongst necessary school supplies. But it’s all part of the meal routine at school for the little ones. Without a snack box (or recess container) your kids might mix up what is for lunch rather than for recess, or vice versa. You don’t want all their food eaten at once. Buy a snack box to separate the two main meals at school. 

Lunch boxes 

Ok, so this one is a school item you’re not likely to forget. After all, you don’t want to be buying your kids’ lunches every day. The tuckshop is expensive! However, it’s always worth checking this one off your list in case the kids need a new one. These days there are so many different styles, designs, and even compartmentalised lunch boxes. Some you probably didn’t even know existed since you last bought one. There are also many online stores that provide personalised lunch boxes and lunch bags too. So, check these out if the old ones need replacing.

Drink bottles

Another item you probably would never forget to buy in readiness for school time. However, drink bottles usually have a tendency to go missing or are left in the schoolyard at lunch or recess. So, whether it’s time for a new one, or you’re buying for your kids’ first day at school, don’t forget one. In Australia, there are many hot days to be had in the first week of school. Keeping your kids hydrated is so important, so always let them know that you’ve packed a drink bottle in their bag.

Name labels 

Now that you have bought all the food and drink containers you need, there’s still one thing you should add to your shopping list. You don’t want these items to get mixed up with other students’ who have bought the same container. You also don’t want to try and find a lost lunchbox. Instead, try and pick up some sticky name labels to apply to these school items. You will thank yourself later when you don’t have to go through the lost property box at school after a long day at work. Skinny name labels are also a great idea for labelling your child’s school items. These labels are a little smaller than your average sticky labels and are perfect for smaller items. Grab a handful and apply them to your kids’ pencil cases, calculators or other stationery items.

Dishwasher proof name labels

Once you’ve paid for all the labels on your kid’s school items, you’ll want to make sure these labels stay on. If you purchase some dishwasher proof name labels there is nothing to worry about. Perfect for placing onto the kids’ school lunch boxes and snack boxes, these labels withstand the heat and cleaning cycle of the dishwasher to stay intact. Another back-to-school purchase worth looking into!

Sun smart gear 

Australia's summer season is also the time for kids to go back to school. So, it's expected that the weather will be a lot warmer. Therefore you’ll want to keep your kids hydrated with a drink bottle and keep up their energy levels by packing lunch too. You will also want to ensure they stay safe when playing outdoors under the sun. If you haven’t already, buy some personal sunscreen, a hat and a collared shirt for the kids. Preparing your kids with these back-to-school items is very important. However, preventing sunburn is even more so.