Improve School and Youth Sports Safety Using Name Labels in Australia

Improve School and Youth Sports Safety Using Name Labels in Australia

There are many reasons why physical activity is so beneficial for young kids, especially toddlers. But have you ever really thought how name labels in Australia could help protect your kids playing sports? Iron on name labels for clothing and kids school labels, both of which are readily available anywhere in Australia, can actually go a long way in establishing a safe and healthy environment when your kids are playing sports. Even bringing along the right kind of backpack for their sports activities can also ensure your kid’s sports safety. Read on to find out more about how all of these items can assist in youth and school sports safety.

Why it’s important to use name and allergen labels for kids’ sports activities  

Not every kid will have an easy run on the sports field. There are many allergies outside the classroom that exist and if teachers are not aware of such susceptibilities, they could find themselves in hot water.

For example, it is not uncommon for kids to have grass and pollen (hay fever) allergies or allergies relating to asthma. All of these can affect young kids who want to go outside and play. Ensure that your outdoorsy kids do it the right way by using allergen labels and iron on names for clothing which you can easily purchase from anywhere in Australia.

Always ensure the right-sized backpack is provided for a day of sport

The last thing you want after your kids have had a good release of energy on the sports field is for their posture to suffer. Always ensure that when they are travelling to P.E. class or carrying their sports gear to the park, they have functional yet still comfortable backpacks. This also means tying up the straps properly so their bags don’t sag and look like they are dragging sacks along the ground. After all their good efforts to keep their body in shape, don’t let it get back out of shape! There are many different kids-sized backpacks in Australia which you can easily purchase online.

Think about bringing along a library bag as well if your child is too sick or injured to join in with P.E. class. This way, they don’t have to worry about bringing their entire belongings to sit and watch their friends play outside. By bringing only their library bags, they won’t have to do any unnecessary heavy lifting.

The importance of labelling your children’s sports gear and identifying their belongings

It’s a simple fact that kids tend to want to share their food and drink around. This is especially if they have none left at the time or just want to try some of their friends’ because they simply think it tastes or looks ‘better’. Hence, it is worthwhile to affix name labels to your kids’ drink bottles and snack packs they bring to school, sports lessons, meets, or the park with friends. For starters, this will save the confusion and worry about whose is whose. This will also allow you (as the teacher or parent) to quickly prevent sharing or food and drink ‘swapsies’.

Are iron on names for clothing in school and youth sports necessary?

Amongst the number of students a teacher has to look after on a daily basis, there are always new names to be learnt especially at the start of a new school year. Some kids will present to school with allergies and if the school staff are unaware of this, it may present unwanted allergic reactions at worst. Whether it be in sports class, during OSHC (outside school hours or after school care) playtime, or in the park with school friends, placing iron on name labels onto school clothing can be of help. This will ensure that both parents and teachers know exactly who has allergies. Attaching iron on clothing labels on school sports uniforms is a great idea for parents who are sending their kids to school for the first time!

Sports day allergy management

Sports day is a common occurrence on the annual school calendar, but have you ever thought that your child with allergies might struggle to compete? This is a reality for some parents and their kids who have allergies to things such as pollen or grass or have an asthma condition. These allergies and conditions can affect these kids on sports day and if not dealt with properly, can see your child’s health and confidence diminish.

So on sports day, try including allergen labels and name labels (available in many Australian online stores) to ensure your child gets the most out of their special day. This will also prevent any nasty and unexpected first aid incidents.