Early Cleaning Tips for the Christmas Season

Early Cleaning Tips for the Christmas Season

We all look forward to the holiday season. It’s when we spend quality time with our family and friends, share meals, and join the community for fun family activities. Great celebrations often mean big preparations and cleaning up for the holidays is not what most people look forward to doing. However, it's better if you cross clean up off your list before the Christmas rush starts so you could have more time for buying presents and enjoying Christmas luncheons. Here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Wash, dry, and store all kitchenware

A good first step in preparing for the Christmas season is to start with the easiest task at hand. Take out utensils off the cupboards and dust them off. Wash all drinking glasses, cutlery and kitchen utensils you plan on using for the holiday season. It’s important to clean these kitchen utensils thoroughly. Starting with the easiest task will get you into the swing of cleaning up before the festivities begin.

Refresh your soft furnishings

Soft furnishings like curtains, bed covers, and rugs can easily be neglected because they are tedious to clean. Since most of these items are made of heavy fabrics, moulds that cause an unpleasant odour could easily grow on them.

Tablecloths, bed covers, pillowcases, and the like should be cleaned out because of the wear and tear of the year that had gone by. You can throw these items in the laundry to clean them thoroughly and get unwanted stains off the fabric. Heavier fabrics like curtains and rugs need to be taken to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging the material.

After cleaning your soft furnishings, you can spritz a little peppermint on curtains for an added holiday feel.

Prepare the Dining Table

Wipe down and clean the dining table and get the kids to help decorate it. Involving the kids will help keep them occupied and revel in the Christmas spirit. Show them how to decorate chairs with Christmas pine garland and let them help you wrap it around each guest’s chair. They can also help you set the table and place all your Christmas themed ornaments.

Another good idea is to use personalised name stickers to create the names of house guests. This will add just a little bit of extra festivity to your dining table. Think how good it will look if you have the red, white, and green Christmas colours on your name cards. Decorate these cards to match the Christmas decor on the table for a really warm and festive feel.

Clean the walls

As many of us decorate the walls with Christmas cheer, the next step is crucial. Guests will come and go this season and you’ll want your decor to pop out. Give the walls a good scrub to remove unwanted stains before you apply Christmas wall stickers

Guests will notice your decorative walls and also notice if you are covering up any mess. You can get the kids to help you clean too. 

Do a quick clean of the fridge

Make space for any food and beverage you have for Christmas. Sort through the fridge and throw out food that has gone bad and move items you won’t need for Christmas to the back or sides. By doing this you will make space for Christmas turkey, ham, or eggnog to stay fresh.

It’s also good not to overload your fridge until your guests come around. This way if your guests bring more food on Christmas, you will still have space in the fridge to keep food fresh. 

Reduce wrapping paper rubbish with Santa sacks 

Tick this one off your cleaning and prep list to avoid messy living rooms come Christmas afternoon. Purchase some personalised Santa sacks for you kids so they can keep their gifts in one bag. This will also be a perfect goodie bag for your nieces and nephews so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting their gifts mixed up. 

Use personalised name stickers on your Christmas decor storage

Use your Christmas cleaning time to also organise your Christmas decorations. To make a better sorting system, apply personalised name stickers on each of your Christmas decoration storage boxes. This will help in cleaning up after Christmas. Make sure you put away your Christmas decors properly. 

Preparing for Christmas can take time, but it can also be a fun way to get the family involved in the Christmas spirit. But if you get on to it early, you’ll save yourself a lot of last-minute headaches. You will also have a lot of fun with the kids helping out.